Instructions For Your Ailments

Good morning. Thank you for inviting us to the conversation with yourself. We understand you would like confirmation of our presence as you are channeling. We are not sure you understand what you are asking. But as we hear you – you wish for confirmation that we are speaking and not yourself. As you relax and calm your questions, and yourself, you will find you are opening – as if double doors are swinging wide to open for you both inward and outward simultaneous. This is true – these doors are opening for you. As you feel the love now engaging know that you are receiving – receiving on all levels of thought, physically, emotionally and spiritually. This ‘download’ as it is being called is you fully receiving.

And now your interpretation of this download is where your words, your focus, your concerns come to play. PS: we love to play.

Don’t be so serious – this is fun and whole-istic, all encompassing and now your topic —

What can be done to increase your health? You list a couple of issues you wish to correct. The visualization to make these issues correct themselves has been shared with you. Please think back on the suggestions that felt most relevant. The child that spoke to her ailment as a person or personality will be a very effective moment for you – for these ailments of yours have things to say to you, to share with you. Your understanding of these ailments will heal you.

Sending vibrational love and clear instructions to your ailments also resonates with you. Once you have come to an understanding of the issues these ailments portray you can be very effective in the instructions for ‘everyone’ involved.

We suggest you look into this vibrational healing – find the passages that speak to you, then have those conversations with your ailments. For your sake, for your deepest understanding, spend the time with your ailments. Write down what you hear. Re-read and understand the issues – pose more questions and then find the best solution for your body and spirit. At this point, yes, you may then give instructions to your body so that all is corrected and life for you continues to bloom.

Yes, we enjoy your gentle self-massage too. This loosens much of your unrecognized tensions. This is good self-care. You may or may not see physical results, but it aides greatly in your overall health.

Continue to ask for our presence and we will continue to arrive. Today you’re allowing strong and obvious connections. It is up to you to request and to feel these connections. Are we there with you – yes. We love showing you – it is always fun. Thank you for asking.

We love your humor too.

Chanelled 5 February 2023

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