Bask in the Goodness

You are good to keep your thoughts high. It does no good to consider, contemplate on low thoughts. You compound what you think on – and adjusting your thoughts away from topics or scenarios that agitate you has been a productive practice for you.

Yesterday was a good case in point – by steering your thoughts toward things you do want you were compelled to work on the projects that will propel you on your journey as you wish to be. This learning has been fun for you and we are enjoying the journey as well.

There is no good that comes from allowing thoughts of things you don’t want. None. Keep choosing your thoughts. Keep choosing your daydreams. Choose your topics to feed your true interests. No need to share your good thoughts now, anymore than when they were not so good thoughts. But, you are happier – bask some more in the knowledge.

You are safe. You have made correct decisions and you will continue. We hear your affirmation – and it is already yours. Open your eyes and keep learning to enjoy being you happy spiritual self. You are rocking it.

Channeled 25 Mar 2022

There is so much inspiration from this channel – To keep going here please take a look at Abraham-Hicks, this is merely one video available through YouTube.

World Prayer/Self Prayer

Good day. Your meditations bring you great joy. Your body responds well, even as you don’t feel this directly. You do well.

Let us talk of world prayer. We would suggest, we would ask that as you find your self sending prayers to peoples of the world that you send your thoughts both specific and general.

Group prayer with a focused beam of concern is highly effective in reaching the desired people and the desired effect. As a group prayer this energy is substantial. Regardless if for an individual well-being or for a nation at war, specific prayer is evidentially strong in a group setting.

For individual prayers the laser point of your individual thought can reach it’s mark well – but please ask yourself if you are imposing your thoughts onto someone else. When in individual prayer – send general thoughts. Send general prayers meant to blend with the recipient’s so to add strength as that person would request. Or peace, or comfort, or to allow them to feel your love, all love, or to feel Love for all that it is. Pray for such as relief from despair, or for clearing their vision, their perception and perspective. To pray to see through God’s eye is a powerful prayer.

Even for yourself here, now, adjusting your perception, your perspective, just now to join closer to God’s perspective shifted your body energy. We feel you feeling this shift. This is how you want to go through your day. Shift back to the perception as often as you remember today. This is a good exercise for preparing the way for the life and lifestyle you have been envisioning. That vision requires a fresh, active, living perspective.

To bring this life out of the dream state and into your reality, shift perspective today. To live today with that mental capacity try this on; practice living through G*d as you. No judgement, great observational moments, with great love and no longer any need for forgiveness as that is already given. Live today as G*d, live it as you dreamed it. Play in your dream here on earth. Have fun and feel the joy for today. Practice in today. Your life is real either way. Choose joy. Choose life.

Channeled March 14, 2022

From Sarah: The Astonishing Power of Emotions by Esther Hicks (Abraham) is highly recommended. Or go direct to to learn of this articulate and accessible channeling from Ester Hicks and Abraham.

Also A Course in Miracles. I see so much of the teachings I have been soaking in in this channel as well. Workbook for Students section is phenomenal.

Affiliate links included above.

Imagine Big and go BIGGER

Thank you for inviting us to speak. You are loved. You are greater than you can imagine. Imagine big, then go BIGGER. This imagination exercise can be applied to so much in your life that you wish fulfilled. Let us say – the free-will of your lives, is in your action. This imagination only sets the stage. Take this grand imagining with you onto the stage. You must take action.

Even what you consider small actions – they may in our realm be the tipping point of your engagement to make all your imaginings come to life for you.

Again, free-will is embodied in Action. No action – then it can be hard to claim free-will. You do or you do not – you do something for yourself or others and this puts in play so many other pieces to fill gaps in your imagination.

Yet know that when you imagine without action – you are also displaying your free-will not to engage with the thought. And nothing is done. You may still find synchronicities even without action. But these synchronicities must be acted on for the fruitful blending of this embodiment of imaginings.

You have free will. You can think what you want, you can act or not act. These are the basics of life – always have been.

We would like to encourage you to be the acting person – to choose the imaginings you have wished for all along. Act on you own behalf – you truly have nothing to lose that won’t be gained one hundred fold after action.

How to keep promises to yourself? Start the new habit – start it today. Start your day with the actions you truly want. Toss the games and newspapers if they interfere. They hold no interest. Lock yourself away to enjoy your task untethered to outside distractions. First thing – no diversion- you (Sarah) actually look for diversions. There is nothing to be scared of in engaging in your life’s bliss. There is no one stopping you but you. Release your fear – or at least ride through it to the other side. It will fall away the moment you begin working your true interests. Go and enjoy. Keeping promises to your self is a matter of over-riding your fears. This is a childhood fear that you have ridden through. Someday you will address it – if it doesn’t dissipate on it’s own. That is not necessary. Take action for you. Show you your love and respect.

Enjoy the process – the learning. Shut the door and be selfish. This is good for so many people. You do your best and you will be happy. Take the class. Learn your craft. Make the list and work it. Make it your challenge – that will keep you held to your promises. Make it happen – for you. You are worthy and you are the one to DO this project.

Have fun and know we are right here with you.

Channeled Feb 24,2022

From Sarah – imagination is real. Shakti Gawain wrote the perfect primer (affiliate) Creative Visualization.

Flow With Love

“Yes, we have plenty to say. That you are spreading vibrational love does immense, immeasurable good. This is the love that mankind can make a difference with. Do not deny the world this gift – for love is a given. Yet so few accept – we keep giving.

It is the most holistic gift, the hardest and the easiest gift. Love is the most expensive and the free-est gift available.

Do continue to flow your love outwards – flow your love outwards in general to everyone. Or flow your love out to those you know or know of.

It makes no matter – flow your love out. It is the greatest gift and it is always welcome and always functional.”

channeled 7 Feb 2022

Listening Deeply

Season 2, Episode 10 – Available on Spotify, Anchor and Stitcher

You are the Grand Source. Look within for your larger way of living. You are large, you are loved – honor yourself and honor Source. Break your boundaries – allow your dreams. They are within.

Channeled 26 Jan 2022

From Sarah: So many places to find a continuation of this theme. I like Gary Zukav – The Seat of the Soul and Marianne Williamson’s – The Gift of Change. (affiliate links)

Living This Love

Season 2, Episode 9 – Available on Spotify, Anchor and Stitcher

Our message during the channel is, Accept and Express.  Breaking down the wall keeping us from spiritual growth and alignment is available. Live in this Love.

Open Hearted Action

Season 2, Episode 8 – Available on Spotify, Anchor and Stitcher

Lead with Love. Our channel speaks to our heart centered realities. We can formulate intention in the heart. It is a passionate, compassionate living available as our hearts are opening.

Feel free to open the workbook in A Course in Miracles. (affiliate link)

What I am Working Toward

Meditations sound so godawful serious.  Is there a way to add some humor?  Is there a way to just lighten the eff up and get across to my audience the joy that is available in a healthy meditation?

I’ve been listeningto  and editing these audios and I am appalled at how serious they sound.  I am aghast to hear myself telling someone what to think and that they better relax and then hey, just relax some more.  Because I said so, ya’ know.  Come on, where’s the sweetness and the gracious self I know that I am in here?  Oh yeah, do as I say.  Take my word on this, I do it too.

I love this meditation stuff.  I find my emotions and my mind in the craziest, clearest moments  ice skating , pirouetting, and leaping into the arms of Creation.  And Creation caught me, without hesitation. But how do I assist anyone into these same miraculous moments – or their own rousing,  exhilarating moments?  How do I compel anyone to live these moments in meditation and then take them along for the rest of the day?  It makes for a great day, I got to tell you.  I don’t ice skate every time I meditate.  That was just an exceptionally good time.  For godsake, I haven’t ice skated on actual ice in a lifetime.

I don’t think I am here to extoll the benefits of meditation.  I think I am here to offer a brief guided moment to help along the way.  And I want to make this fun.  I want to grow this site to the place where meditations, through these audios, are as entertaining as they are relaxing.  I want these audios to convey the openness and expansion or our own intentions (of course), and include fun, frivolous side moments, a lack of reality and an abundance of humor.  These are fun; these meditations are fun.

As I have been editing my last couple audios I have come to a somber conclusion, that they are nice.  Yikes, how boring.  I want more.  I want fun.  I want to be drawn to my own site every week for an update of humor, lightness of being , alignment in heart, pure entertainment and an opening of thought for outrageous visions.  I don’t think that is too much to ask.  This is my next project.  Back to the drawing board…pull out the stitching…turn this horse around.  And for gawdsake, get that rusty bucket outta my well.  Let’s get to work.