Strengthening the Connection

Podcast: Season 3, Episode 7

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Strengthening the Connection was channeled 20 Nov 2022.

Meditations – themed meditations – strengthen our connection with Source Energy. The themes are already of emotions and subjects that connect to Source. It is the meditation the strengthens this bond – love, gratitude, joy, Gaia. Bring more depth to your meditations knowing your connection is stronger for the doing.

Enjoy. Sarah

You Bring Joy

Your power is now – in the moment. It is a great power. There is no power in the future tense. There is a great pull – but the forward momentum occurs in the Now.

We love you. We mean you well. We cannot foretell your future and in many ways today this is what you ask – you ask for timelines and outcomes. This is all up to you.

Continue to practice your highest vibration – regardless of your actions for change in your future. You must continue to practice the highest vibration for your own happiness. This reaches far more than you. This joy is for more than you. Regardless of the changes that you believe you are bringing to fruition – the joy you bring into these changes will make timelines moot. The changes, the result – the joy – is your true goal.

Practice joy. It is spiritual health, it is mental health, it is spiritual evolution and mental evolution. It is health in all ways. Joy. Choose joy, practice joy, be joy, allow joy, flow in joy and with joy. Joy is your path AND your goal. Allow joy.

Allow our love and our guidance in joy. In your Now is power and joy. Practice Now as well.

Find joy and celebrate it. This allows the fullness of joy to override any sorrow. While sorrow is imminent you are not wrong in seeking joy. Hugs are free.

Thank you for inviting us.

The Accord

Channeled 27 November 2022

Potentials Through God’s Eyes

Podcast: Season 3, Episode 6

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Potentials Through God’s Eyes was channeled 30 Nov 2022.

We have the potential through God’s eyes to “witness life in the wholeness of a spiritual vibration.”

And as we expand our spiritual reach know that “this is the wave. This is the ascension” of time space.

“Find the Oneness of All There Is.”

Enjoy. Sarah


Thank you for inviting us. Please know that when your sense of creativity is high so is your general vibration. We are not speaking of manufactured creativity – not the project that you are forcing yourself to start or to complete – we are speaking of the delight that you feel when you recognize pieces coming together in new and creative ways for you. Creativity is a result of opening and allowing. This is why it feels so good.

To keep ourselves in a creative environment is to gather around us the sense of allowing. And vise-versa – to surround ourselves in an allowing/open environment is to gather and recognize our creativity. Creativity is a release. It is a release of what is inside of you. Whether beautiful or fearful or downright ugly it is a release. There is a very thin line between creativity and art. Some very disturbing releases of creativity are also considered great pieces of art. We are disturbed in our oneness by much the same things. (Hieronymus Bosch is the visual I was given.)

Creating – to build, to build upon – and creativity are one and the same. Love is creative.

Enjoy your creativity. We rejoice in it as well. Clear your mind – create merely to create. Allow the expansion of perception as you will. Creating tools for creation is still creative. Enjoy it all.

Thank you for being with us.


Channeled 19 Nov 2022

Value of Familiarity

Podcast: Season 3, Episode 5

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The Value of Familiarity was channeled 20 November 2022.

We may be better for each other if we can get familiar with each other and stop insisting we are separate. Add value by valuing each other.

There is a Oneness of Human Desires. We are seeking satisfaction with ourselves. And we are seeking to be understood. Let us recognize this and rejoice.

Enjoy. Sarah

Becoming Playful

Thank you for inviting us. We hear your meditations and we feel your inner flow and we enjoy the playfulness you surround your thoughts in. This playfulness is your insulator of much of the inconsistencies, inequities, and the judgements you feel and witness – both from others and from yourself. By deciding your actions are playful – by recognizing your actions as playful – most judgement is a moot point. You on earth accept playful with a much relaxed judgement. So for you to speak only that you have done as you have because it’s fun – all argument of “why” ceased. Both the argument with yourself as well as the protracted discussion of why (that was about to occur) was deemed unnecessary.

To recognize that no further discussion is required as one recognizes that doing any thing is fun is a miracle in human terms. Justification for your actions is no longer required when one is having fun. Fun is often seen as enjoying excesses. Fun is excessive laughter, excessive foliage, excessive snow, etc. There is in fact nothing excessive in fun. That “excess” is just right and within “fun” excess is no longer judged as excess.

Fun erases judgement in much of the human condition.

Once you are able to label your daily needs as fun your joy shall increase as well. Walking the dog is fun. Washing dishes by hand is actually fun. Brushing your teeth is because it is fun. These “chores” are moments to enjoy as you know they are to be completed. Find your joy in entering the space that suspends judgement. Suspend judgement on your self. Look to others to see where there is joy or fun especially, whether they recognize it as such or not. Recognize their fun in yourself.

This is also an exercise in releasing judgement. There is weight, spiritual and gravitational weight, in judgement. Release this. Consider that now you can apply fun to these actions you judge and this weight shall disintegrate.

Clear your mind and accept the joy within you. Breathe in those opportunities for fun – in everything.

Channeled 18 Nov 2022

What to Release

Podcast: Season 3, Episode 4

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What to Release was channeled 8 Nov23.

“When you find that answer, enjoy that answer.” There is yet more to let go. Find your release in the calm of your question. This is a gift.

Enjoy. Sarah

Surrender with Eyes Open

It is good to surrender. The field of possibilities opens for you when you surrender. We feel you surrender your schedule. We feel you surrender your grip on the day. This allows so much more than you make available to yourself. As you surrender – open your eyes. Open your eyes to possibilities. These two inner actions are complimentary. You become aware of deeper meaning when you open your eyes in an act of surrender. There is available to you a wider scope of vision, and possibilities occur without effort. The effort and the ease of life is in the surrender. Feel the calm and bask in the fullness of this calm.

Surrender fear. Allow the fullness of that which flows to you in it’s place. As you surrender fear and feel it fall away – feel what flows in to take it’s place. Feel it so that you can name it. Is it calm? Is it stability? Is it joy? Is it something else entirely? What is your fear keeping from you? Today is a good day to find out.

Sit for a moment and envelope (encircle, enrich) yourself in this feeling that replaces fear. Glow in this true feeling. Grow into it so there is no room for any other feeling. And today go out for your day with THIS feeling instead. Let this feeling guide your day.

Surrender to this day.

We honor and adore you –


Channeled 28 Oct 2022

Perception Is Everything

Podcast: Season 3, Episode 3

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Perception Is Everything was channeled 23 Oct 2022.

Perception is everything.  How we see our circumstances is open for interpretation.  Especially by our own self.  The Accord has a different perception.  Whether you take the suggestions of others, or your inner voice, or not if fully a right of having free will.  Exercise your free will and be joyful that whatever answer it is always correct.

Enjoy. Sarah



We are here with you more often than you know. More often than you can acknowledge. For our presence is constant. Your focus is outward – as it should be to enhance your life and times on earth. As you turn your focus inward – that is when you “see” us and think we have just then arrived on the scene. We are here all along.

Even our “strength” has been available without variation. Same strength of solace, wisdom and universal truth. That you do not recognize it does not change this strength of our presence. We are constant. Our pattern is constant.

Your pattern is variable and in some sense random. This random is not a judgement word – it is a descriptive word. You apply your pattern to us and so we appear variable and random as well. This is not a judgement of how you perceive us – it is the explanation of our differences, and of our abilities to fill you soul. You have free will to turn inward for guidance or to turn elsewhere. As you turn inward we “appear”. Regardless that we have been “here” all along.

It is up to you to see us. It is up to you to listen for us. It is up to you to open your focus to include us. And you do it well. You do it often – and we applaud your grace, your adventure, your decisions. You do so well – we “help” where we can. And we leave you to live your life as you will. There’s no micromanaging here. We only “helicopter” as presence. Our presence is constant.

Thank you for hearing our words today. You have heard them before. Your actions are still your decision. Your actions are your free will. We do however request whatever action is done – that it is done in grace, with loving intention (love of self – really do it with best self intention) and allow your actions as inspired.

From our vantage point…your threesome,

Truth, Compassion and Strength

Channeled 15 Oct 2022