Utter Love

Thank you for your invitation. We want you to know you yourself are utter love. We know you more deeply than anyone on earth and you are love – all the way through. You are, you have a depth unheard of on the earthly plane. Like quantum anything you are a microcosm AND a macrocosm simultaneously. We have you with us at all times even as we focus on you within the earthly plane. Your DNA is timeless as is your soul – yet these are both available for adjustment.

As you felt during the cosmic procedure during a Kryon Circle of Twelve meditation[May 12, 2021], you did receive ‘surgery’ from our esteemed colleagues. You felt it. You felt the relief too of having toxic parts of you being removed. They were. When you returned for the second procedure the effects were not felt as immediate and you were/are not aware of the internal cleansing that occurred. You are ready for another procedure if you choose. Your longevity is affected by these procedures. Most recently these clearings have been for your health.

There are more experts in our midst for other ailments, but only as you recognize them. There is no reason to be concerned with bodily ailments as you learn to employ the Council of Healers at your disposal. They disperse much of your discomfort as you sleep and even as you relax, truly calming yourself. There is much they can do and have done to allow you to enjoy this life more fully.

With that said, please continue to enjoy your body; yes, sexually too – but we were referring to muscles and muscle strength. Practice stamina and strength. Your muscles propel you. It is movement that makes this life fun and experiential. This life is supposed to be experiential.

Thank you for inviting us this fine, fine day. We enjoy spending time with you. Don’t forget the first part of our talk – you are eternal just as we are. You are us.

We love you.

Promising Joy

Your question or request today is, “Can we help you keep your promises to yourself?” Yes, we can. But, you are an active player. This is a free-will relationship, and can be ignored or set-aside at any time. This does not change how we feel about you. We see that this setting aside pains you. We would suggest you continue meditations to feel our love, to get quiet, and continue to decide to live in joy. The promises you have made yourself are to live in joy. While these channels can very well be a part of this joy – and they certainly bring you joy- the meditations have a far reaching and profound affect on your inner resolve – more than the writings and audio at this time.

There is no need to spend too much time in meditation – and these channels are a form of meditation. The benefits of meditation will be realized in your ability to keep your promises to yourself.

You strive for consistency. We enjoy this too. The sun rises every day. This rising is the ultimate Human-Gaia show of consistency. You are not the sun. You are a light and in that capacity we know that you cannot help but shine, much like the sun. You may have no idea how consistent you are there, and you seem to revel in adjusting the wattage or shine of your light. Yet still, you are light for yourself and for others. For fun make it your very being to see how bright you can shine. For fun you will find joy in this exercise.

Can we help you keep your promises? We can guide you to meditation, to fun, to light – guide you more fully to your light.

Let’s continue to declutter and make your areas easy to play in. There is nothing here that brings joy as it once did. Keep your manuscripts for a little longer – or not.

Today you kept your promise to yourself. We enjoy spending this direct time with you. To channel and to meditate are two separate actions for you. Do both for best results. Prayer is separate again.

Your questions are about you – let’s continue this focus a little while here. We look forward to meeting again soon.

Lifting Resentments

In this way please understand this forgiveness you are practicing is for yourself and to yourself first and foremost. If you feel you want to forgive others, please do. But, the objective is profound personal forgiveness.


Review you money…

We gather here to Council, though not to counsel you. We gather in love. The gathering is in your mind as a recognition that we are here. We are always here. It is lovely to be seen as smiling faces and happy people.

We are gathered here and surround you in love and acceptance. Please take this acceptance with you today. You are loved and have nothing to prove or to show for yourself.

Review your money. It misses your attention. Pull up your bank account and enjoy the view. Don’t forget your investments. It is good to have money. It feels good. It is right and a privilege in the best sense of the word. Money is good energy; it is healthy and mindful. Money loves you. It comes to you even though you don’t always recognize it. Money loves you. You have good energy. We like to give one process today. There is a good sense in this today.

Other than that we send our encompassing love. We cannot over-state the fullness of our love for you. Revel in this. Be joyful. Be playful with those around you. Lighten the load for yourself and those around you. We are here to play with you. Can you feel our kisses?

September 9, 2021

Solidifying our Connection

This channel from Aug 8, 2021 was the first audio channel for me. I have been writing messages for many years. This last month I finally turned on the microphone. This is thrilling.

Sky is Spirit

I look to the sky when I am communing with Spirit. I find here lately that even as my eyes are closed my face is looking up. So even when I am not looking up, I am looking up when Spirit and I get together for a chat.

I wonder if I have just been trained beyond conscious effort to think of God/Source/Spirit as “above” us (which I don’t consciously agree with – Spirit is with us, not above us) or if I just intuitively understand the sky is the largest open expansive area that most closely mimics the wholeness of Spirit that is available to us.

I think it is the latter.