Siren Song

Thank you for inviting us – these days have been good to you. You are moving through these planetary upheavals smoothly. You will continue to do so – for you are uniquely positioned to receive vibrations. The love you have surrounded yourself with makes this shift far easier than it would be otherwise.

Rejoice in the love you cultivate. This love includes our love, love from others, and the growing sense of love from within you. This growth, this awareness is tantamount to your joy, to your overall happiness and satisfaction to your being.

Grow the love within you. This is what spills out for you.

Your highest guide is yet to come. Your consistent practice will bring this guide to open to you, to open for you.

We know you crave consistency even while you alone prevent it from occurring. You are a funny being. One that goes against your own wishes. Make your wishes one with your actions, your satisfaction will rise and your wishes will be realized. Act for yourself first – action for you. All else follows.

We love your sense of wholeness and oneness. Cultivate this further. It is a bodily experience of opening and receiving for you – it is a palpable feeling that even we enjoy with you. For you are a part of our oneness. You aide in our knowledge of One.

You are a drop in the ocean and you are the ocean. How you interpret this at any given moment is up to you. Both sides of the statement are correct. Both provide relief. Allow this relief.

Your greatness already is. That you can’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It does. Come see your greatness. Come see your mighty contribution for being here. You are not lost. Only you minimize you. You are far larger than you give yourself credit for. You are magnificent and prolific and ALL of it matters. Everything you offer matters. Add everything to this life. This is the time. This is what you came for. This was worked on and practiced. It was your drive to come now. The rest was icing; THIS is the cake. NOW is your due. Cash in, as they say. Just do it.

May you focus as you intended. There truly is nothing external holding you back. You have paved the way and we and you are ready to share.

With our love go forward.

Set your path. Find your physical times to allow your life here finally as you intended. Remember those days knowing older was better? We are here. We are here now – at the beginning. It’s all been practice. Your life has arrived again. Let us gain some traction and push this beauty along. You have arrived. You are here – Now is good.

Commune with us as you do there on earth and we are there for you. Bring earth it’s song. You are ready. Hard to believe, for you – but you are ready.

With love, with joy, ready to assist

The Accord

Channeled 13 March 2023

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