Open Your Eyes

You are right to open your eyes. Open them to everything good in this day before you. So much good to be perceived, to be seen. We are envious of your viewpoint and relish in all that you see. Please ‘see’ for us today. And while you are there, look around for yourself too. There are pockets of information to assist you.

Thank you for clearing your body, your lungs, your veins – your body feels so much better this morning. Your sight will reflect this as well.

Open your decisions regarding what you decide to see. See it all. No framework needed. You can ‘frame’ what you see later. Open your sight to the whole experience and enjoy. It is not drinking from a firehose – it is the new way. It is you learning to see differently.

Openly, seeing the whole – even as you accept this, we feel your resistance. You are afraid of seeing things you don’t like, seeing ‘too much’. You want to contain your sight to seeing beautiful uplifting things. ALL things are uplifting. Everything is perfect. Life is unfolding as it is supposed to. It is unfolding as it is unfolding. No forgiveness. No forgiveness needed. Look about you – no judgement. See ALL. There is more and we will gather to review this day with you.

It is a good day. It is a very good day. Let go of fear today. There is no place for fear. Dissipate it and have a good day.

Channeled 21 Mar 22

From Sarah: To feel the strength and the awe of what there is to see, I am in love with <a rel="noreferrer noopener" href="http://<a href="; target="_blank"><img border="0" src="//" ></a><img src="; width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" />" data-type="URL" data-id="<a href="; target="_blank"><img border="0" src="//" ></a>""Clark Little’s The Art of Waves.

Money and Love

–Channel received 9 Jan 22–

Thank you for inviting us and yes, you do understand that the great shift is upon us. We are shifting now. These are times of great change. And yes, we are all in this together. There is great relief and rejoicing on this side of the veil. We do see on your side of the veil there is confusion and trepidation. As a planet a lighter countenance is available to great numbers of you. But confusion also is prevalent in great numbers as your population learns – re-learns – how to be.

This is a great relearning. This adjustment is a recalibration. The recalibration includes money, outlook, introspection, handling energy. There is so much goodness that is ready to be shared-but the old ways of capitalism are still in force. The belief that is being usurped is that something must be given in order to get something. Your population (mostly) believes this of love, of money, of intellect and of wisdom. The age of sharing for the sake of sharing is coming to light. It is part of the light. There will still be commerce – but the feeling will change. The intention eventually will be benevolent. Do not fret – though it may be after your time on this earth. You can still act on these intentions now. There is no need to put them off. Practice how your new life is guiding you. Practice now how to use commerce in an intentional way, to bring about this overall good you are experiencing in your being.

This will require practice – for that is how you get good at something. Be compassionate with yourself and keep trying to make your transactions with this higher esteem.

We will come back to this topic again as it does affect so many of your population. This type of energy shift is swift and has lasting affects. It is swift and demonstrable as you will see.

Go joyfully as those businesses for this shifted – new – will thrive as they are meant to, and those of the old energy will grow into a new intention or fall away as unnecessary.

This is a demonstrable shift – Go with love.

Thank you for allowing us voice. We will speak on this again.

Wave of Consciousness

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We are experiencing at this time in history a wave of new consciousness – a wave of growth in our consciousness.  It is including those we work with, those that are leaving us…

We are in this together – not as a solitary function.  Time to participate.  Time to say hi to those around us, in recognition.

“Love each other, as we love you.  Love is all there is.” The Accord

Channeled 14 Jan 2022

I find a fellow channeler, Kryon, is addressing the new consciousness. I have not read the book, but the channeling is insightful beyond description. (affiliate link) The New Human. The channels are found at Kryon

Play In this Love

Love is the gravity and the movement of all there is…
Love is not small – you can only recognize small parts. The more often and the more you recognize, the bigger it becomes for you.


Choose Higher

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Excepts from todays channeled energy:

“Be the ‘who’ you are.”

“It is a healthy mind that allows a healthy body.”

“With Source there are all answers.”

Thank you for dropping in.






It feels good to speak to you. Thank you for the invitation.

Thank you for leaving the topic open – many have gathered here to partake in the conversation.

To start – your alignment is good – it is strong. It may feel at times that your alignment is entangled with many others. Please know that your direct line is strong, glowing in a manner unknown to you. You are mastering the spiritual wealth of this alignment.

There is entanglement, yes. For not all around you are aligning as you do and these various directions taken by all beings by the very nature of each ‘tangles’ the lines of direction, meaning and projected outcomes. This is well named – entanglement. We all wish for the same outcome – happiness. But each has a different perception of how to achieve this goal. We applaud you in your ability to sit and enjoy your happiness. You are blessed to know this direct line.

We want to share the love we feel for you. We want to share our joy in being with you and everyone you interact with. We are with you all along. Thank you for your awareness of us so often. We, like you, can appreciate acknowledgement.

Thank you for visiting. In love above what you currently know – we love you.

Love Warrior

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I can see where the energy of the guidance during this channel posted as a podcast has been influenced by reading Marianne Williamson’s The Gift of Change (affiliate link). I agree with this energy that we must become Love Warriors. Please listen in for the energy of love.

Ms. Williamson writes, “Do terrorists hate us just some of the time? Do they have a casual commitment to their cause? Do they take less than seriously the goal of full manifestation of their worldview? The only way we will triumph over hate is to become as deeply committed to love as some people are devoted to expressing their hate, and as firm in our conviction that love is our mission…” Marianne Williamson

Thank you for tuning in. We are honored to share these energies with you. Feel compelled to leave a comment? Please do. We look forward to having you visit again soon.

“Daily Miracles can be just being granted peace.” The Accord

Reaching for Love

Podcast available

Reaching for love and not feeling uplifted does not mean you haven’t raised your vibration – only that you haven’t recognized it yet.

Open your eyes – don’t be afraid to look…

Multidimensional Remembrance

There is a remembrance that is available to everyone. It is the remembrance of things not necessarily done in this lifetime, but rather in parallel “lifetimes”, or during the lifetimes of others. This remembrance is where individuals tap into information that is available in the multiverse.

Your question today it to continue the discussion of how to tap into and how to use the multidimensional aspects available to individuals at this time. So, at this time it is productive to consider the multidimensional information as a remembrance.

As one meditates, as one is posing questions, or easing into new thought territory, it is a good exercise to seek a remembrance of information openly during the meditation. By openly, we mean seek information not as a problem to solve but as a remembrance of “how it was done” – a remembering of a process.

Nuggets of information will arrive and your path will be cleared for the meaning you requested. We are not saying the path will be cleared for you, not that a path will be laid out – though that can happen. We are saying the information, the remembrance, will occur and the “answer” you requested will be available for action without your having to dwell on your request.

This is ONE aspect of multidimensional living that is available to you. There is more – that is why it is call ‘multi’ – because there are so many aspects – most all of them helpful to you. Some easier to access in the current spiritual climate. We can discuss others as we work with this aspect of rememberance.

Possibly you can “remember” some of the other helpful aspects of multidimensional living? There is your challenge for today.

Joining with Multidimensional Alignment

It has been some time since we were here and we thank you for the invitation.

Alignment is awesome. You ask about the multidimensional-verse and how to access this “side” of yourself – and your alignment with all there is is key to this experience. And as meditation and alignment are not forced issues, neither is tapping into the multidimensional side of yourself- What is it like? What does multidimensionality feel like?

For you – it will feel like an openness, It will feel like a lack of boundaries. There is teeming action that can yet be felt in comfort and quietude. It is not actionable per se. Your actions in the multidimensional life come later, when it is not obvious you are witnessing this dimension.

The stronger the meditative bond with this multidimensional side the stronger it will affect your life, your decisions, your insights – it is part and parcel with coming into alignment that we have been advocating all along. As you come into alignment through your meditations you have already tapped into the multidimensional aspects of your life. The veil has thinned already. In fact – you have lifted the veil repeatedly and our connection is all the more lovely for this lifting.

You do not give yourself enough credit for how “deep” or how wide your net is cast spiritually. You think you are living on the base side of this All – when actually you are living very highly in the love side of this alignment and equation. Your requests have been and continue to be – how to bring this alignment of yours out and openly available for you day to day.

This is a leap that needs to happen – we translate this as procrastination. You have not kept up with your promises to yourself out of fear. Fear of acceptance. Only that – fear of acceptance. This acceptance is the key to emotional and financial well being.

Keep at this process – extend it – get over the fear and embrace this aspect of yourself – Get over it so that you may enjoy these benefits and the fullness of life as you know it to be. You DO know it to be fuller than most out there.

Clear your path some more to bring your talent to light. Keep up the practice and find your fresh rhythm – you want this multidimensional life in this lifetime – it is available to you. Today we are aligned with you – Please sit quiet for a moment to solidify this alignment as we close today. We enjoy having the day with you. We enjoy sending reminders of our love for you and for all throughout the day. You are a good conduit to flow, to share our love – you get better with practice.

Sit now and enjoy, as we do, this alignment – this love – this connection (on all levels).

We are so pleased to be here. Thank you.