Your Life is Not Small

Your life is not small. The landscape is wide beyond even your internal vision – your life is not small. There are no words to convey the richness, depth, broadness, the clearance and the completeness of who you are and who you are becoming.

We are proud to be joining you in the exploration and the opening of your ‘self’. We are gathering with you to convey the completeness of your life. To assist in recommendation to move forward – these words – give us a moment.

Yes, we are here and will always be here for you to record. Sharing our conversations is assisting you in solidifying meaning and purpose to our visits. These are sacred visits. How you resonate where you are determines who or rather what energies gather here to share.

You do not tax us by staying too long – as time is your own construct. You do not tax us by seeking too many topics at once. You though are not able to record them all at once. You do however receive them all at once. It is in recording these conversations that the messages must be sifted and translated. You do wonderful at this. Your connection is strong and will be stronger with greater translation.

Enjoy these processes and messages. Enjoy the reactions, the learning, the timing. Love these days. Be creative…be you, the opening you. Grow in this process to be good and to be happy in the process AND the product. Ooze your own happiness into these messages. You have been wanting to record and share these meetings for far too long to not have fun and rejoice in your opening.

Be joyful in this project. Be joyful beyond expectations. Allow this wonderful, sacred project to be just that – full of wonder, full of learning as you like to learn, full of accomplishments, full of the full you. Deserve this, grab this, make this your own. This is your jam, this is your vibe, this is who you are becoming and who you have been.

Go with gusto into your dream. This has potential for so many – focus yet on your joy. Invest in your joy. This is an outlet. An outlet for all you learn and all you can share. It is your expansion to, and for, others. Joy is enhanced in the sharing.

We are pleased to be with you.

The Accord

Channeled 25 Sep 2022

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