Self-worth Homework

This posting is not a channel but rather my notes from the “homework” given last week. Last week The Accord suggested I take the time to contemplate self-worth for myself. I had been in a self-sabotaging mode and looking for guidance to clear this defeating practice. Following is my journal entry at the completion of the week.


Though I thought of self-worth often over the course of the week – I found no emotional connection to the term “self-worth”. I worked it and finally released the need to explore self-worth. I found instead the emotional connection is in the thoughts that feed self-worth. Being worthy of joy is a trigger for me. I am worthy of joy. I have known this to be true. Truly feeling my oneness with the Great Oneness is also integral in my feeling of self-worth. There was a full evening of experiencing the immense grandness of Oneness. There my self-worth was not ever in question. My worth was as grand as that Oneness. It was there, in that space that I understand the Oneness never questions self-worth. Self-worth is within us – there is no need to “trigger” it. Being human at this time right where we are is proof of self-worth whether we rejoice in it or don’t give it a thought. It IS. Just as the Oneness of All IS.

I am experiencing the emotions that allow the Oneness to actively reside in me. Self-worth is not a trigger issue. Allowing is the trigger issue. Allowing love – to come from others and to receive it from others – this opening to allowing is part and parcel of self-worth. Allowing myself to love myself – to display my self-love in actions of care, feeding and receiving my own love of me – this allowing and reciprocating of my own love is directly tied to self-worth. Allowing forgiveness of myself – the over all forgiveness that deems forgiveness moot – because we are all of us One – this is also the greatness of self-worth. I am worthy.

I am worthy of love, of care, of conscious. I am worthy of forgiveness and of give-ness.

I rise each day – I am worthy. Just as the sun rises each day, it is unconscious and unknowing of the worthiness of itself. And as the sun – whether I see my worthiness or not (think fog and clouds) I am still risen each day. I am inherently forgiven for not being seen as worthy. Just as the sun is forgiven for being hidden from us in clouds and atmospheric changes. And here – we, as human never think to change our ideas of the sun’s worth, I need never question my ideas of my worth either. I am here on this planet doing my life. My ‘worth’ is actually a rather moot and silly platitude. I am. I am. That is all that needs to be addressed. I am.

Self-worth is an archaic hold-over term from intolerant cultures that found “self-worth” a driving motivator to keep people in servitude. I am no longer (we are no longer) related to servitude. We are not victims, we are volunteers. Our employment is for all of us a choice. In this choice we choose the show of our self-worth. We (I) can choose to show my self-worth in whatever position I hold that pays the bills for my beautiful life.

Ways to show my self-worth are only required for me to see. Others do not need to see my self-worth. In fact many will not – the enlightened people will see worth and these are the people I am to surround myself with.

Self-worth is an inside job and may well stay on the inside. The sun does not ask others to see it’s self-worth. It shows up regardless – because it is a truly unquestionable request.

As I understand this today self-worth is a constant of being here now on this planet. We are here, therefore we are worthy. To help us accept our worth, or relearn our worth as we shed these old cultures, is to accept and allow the truths of forgiveness, the allowing of love, and the wholeness of our Oneness.

This is what I have learned in the week of considering, of reflecting on, my own self-worth.

I am love, I am forgiven, I am in this Oneness. All are worthy. This includes me.

In love, Sarah.

Truth, Bias and Commerce

You compare yourself, your message, to other messages you hear. They are all valid – they are all delivered with goodwill and with the clearest truth of the translator. Your truth is as clear as it can be at each sitting. Your truth becomes clearer with each sitting. Biases do arise. Please do not worry of your biases – every human has them. Your biases resound with many. And they are clearing out of your psyche as you allow them.

Truth is full of bias on your earth. Yet the light of realized consciousness continues to shine through, to become brighter and this affects more of you. A new truth emerges. The old truth is left in the shadows – which outright disappear, disintegrating with the shining light of this new consciousness.

Do not worry of your truth. It is as good as it can be and you are allowing a clearer truth with every questioning of your habits, of your beliefs, with every choice you make.

You even choose your truth with every purchase. The energy of money affects everyone along the pipeline of providing goods and services. Commerce holds a lot of energy. It does not hold truth. Rather it holds keys to what you believe true.

The energy flow of commerce affects all of you in one form or another. How you are enticed to buy has changed radically from thirty years ago. This enticement continues to change. These changes in commerce are changing habits and changing truths for every one. How a truth is expressed is expanding and this change is part of the fabric of human interactions now.

The kinder interactions are more prevelent and humans are responding. Allow this.

Allow your choices in commerce to reflect a kinder, thoughtful response to your life. Choose for you – still – but choose that which is good for you – whether it is what you eat, ingest, wear and where you live. Make the choices that feel good; that feel right.

These are the most correct choices in commerce for you at the moment. And then allow this momentum to carry you to even better choices in the next interaction. You are on the right path. Enjoy and allow.

Channeled 30 May 2022

The Accord is Singing

Thank you for moving aside. We have been looking forward to sitting with you again to record us. It makes us giddy to know we are invited. We get such joy from these visits with you.

We are pleased that your run-away thoughts have landed on things and activities you enjoyed as a child. Your images of being on the swing-set, playing hide-n-seek and playing in the creek hunting tadpoles, playing at “the cliffs” chasing field mice – these are all wonderful images. You enjoyed a wonderous childhood free of stress that many others felt. Yes, you are blessed. All through your life you are blessed. You are blessed now and we are pleased that you know this blessing. This is a good life.

Life does not need to be of trials and tribulations to be a “Life worth living”. Why do you humans attach such strife to being “worthy”? You are all worthy – no strife or terrible conditions to overcome are needed. Just feel the love you exist in and enjoy living. The time/space continuum is conditions enough. Remembering “Love” from this side of life is enough. Expanding into this love while you live in time/space is honorable in itself. So many have not grasped this part – the part you take for granted.

You are worthy of all you are, of all you have and more. You are worthy of your dreams. You are a joy machine for yourself and for others.

With every step you fly above where you were. You are in fact walking on sunshine. “Walking” with spirit – Living in spirit is better said. There is much to share and much we need to learn how to say.

(Singing now, singing in their language, imparting profound knowledge. I understand, but not fully. I understand, but there is no translation – chorus of voices – interweaving with nuance of love and knowledge and stability.)

Don’t worry – the words will come. or the experiences that translate our song. It is for you to bathe in, for you to burrow into the nuances and crannies of. Enjoy our song all day. We will sing for you again soon. The song reaches depth of you not available in mere words. So many ways to speak profoundly – words are not the most effective. Song is better.

Channeled 22 April 2022

Review you money…

We gather here to Council, though not to counsel you. We gather in love. The gathering is in your mind as a recognition that we are here. We are always here. It is lovely to be seen as smiling faces and happy people.

We are gathered here and surround you in love and acceptance. Please take this acceptance with you today. You are loved and have nothing to prove or to show for yourself.

Review your money. It misses your attention. Pull up your bank account and enjoy the view. Don’t forget your investments. It is good to have money. It feels good. It is right and a privilege in the best sense of the word. Money is good energy; it is healthy and mindful. Money loves you. It comes to you even though you don’t always recognize it. Money loves you. You have good energy. We like to give one process today. There is a good sense in this today.

Other than that we send our encompassing love. We cannot over-state the fullness of our love for you. Revel in this. Be joyful. Be playful with those around you. Lighten the load for yourself and those around you. We are here to play with you. Can you feel our kisses?

September 9, 2021

Sky is Spirit

I look to the sky when I am communing with Spirit. I find here lately that even as my eyes are closed my face is looking up. So even when I am not looking up, I am looking up when Spirit and I get together for a chat.

I wonder if I have just been trained beyond conscious effort to think of God/Source/Spirit as “above” us (which I don’t consciously agree with – Spirit is with us, not above us) or if I just intuitively understand the sky is the largest open expansive area that most closely mimics the wholeness of Spirit that is available to us.

I think it is the latter.

Seeing Me In Others

In my thirties I found my spiritual guidance, my guide, my higher self. I found in my thirties that there was a source answering me, maybe not answering my questions, but answering me nonetheless. In my thirties I learned to pray; I learned to meditate. I learned that the process is not a request but an opening. Prayer is not a plea but a change. I have been working with and through these powerful tools, processes and Source ever since.

Today I read a Instagram feed that mirrors this awakening from my 30’s:

“In meditation recently I came to myself and I told myself how much I love me and how proud I am of me. It may sound silly to you but it was so powerful for me. It was exactly what I needed. At the end of the meditation I burst into tears and literally hugged myself and said, “I love you” over and over.

I am ok with myself just as I am and I know that I am beautiful and powerful. I embrace my “flaws” and love my inner demons. I am in control of my life and of my emotions. It took me 30 years to come to the conclusion that I don’t need to try so hard to please others. I need to please me…..”

I see these notes on so many Social Media feeds. I don’t think I am looking for them, they arrive on my screen. The posts read of amazement, wonder, awe and community with Source. The love, love of Source, Universe Love, pureness of love is evident in all these feeds.

This one, though, is amazingly powerful to me. It was written two months ago and I found it today. It came from my daughter’s feed.

Scientifically Empathy can be hard

Empathy (google) “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.”

Einstein states Special Relativity is that time & space are experienced differently depending on one’s state of motion.

We can add to that General Relativity that time & space warp and curve with the presence of matter of energy.

My mother says empathy is the feeling after living in someone else’s shoes.

These are the proofs that empathy is harder to envision than we could ever know. “If it were me” syndrome never takes into effect the nuances of another state of motion or the warp and curve at the moment energy passes through.

Lifetime of Alignment

To be sure I may not be ahead of my time. I am afraid anymore that I am falling behind. All the copywrite dates on these books and the posting dates on YouTube and other channels, movies and media make me realize how far behind I am. That I am not a trailblazer. I am not the Pioneer. I am following a path along with so many others. So many that I have not met. I am assimilating as fast as I can.


Old Soul is present

Old souls abound in our lives currently.  Old souls are abundant.  They are crowding the scenery.  Who doesn’t know an old soul?  Who out there doesn’t think of themselves as an old soul?  Old Souls are notorious for being persecuted, tormented, exiled even.  This time around there are so many they blend in as Every Man.  They used to be shamanistic, esoteric healers, sought after oracles.  We no longer have that pedestal.  Old Souls are us. And we are affecting change just by being here.

I had hoped to be an old soul of “oracle” standing, someone sought after. I had hoped for that low-grade lifetime of fame to show I am worthy of old soul designation.

If I ask myself what I wanted to show, or how I wanted to help – I think I wanted “laying on of hands”. I want to touch people and feel them be healed, to be cleared, to feel them open their “eyes”. And then of course, nobody touches anyone these days. We don’t shake hands, we lightly bump elbows for goodness sake. How is that “hello” or “goodbye” even? It just makes me laugh at the absurdity of it.

I wanted to affect change by channeling a loving guide, a voice to lighten those who would be compelled to listen.

I wanted to reach people by voice, by word, by work. I wanted to reach people by touch, by connection, by love.

I wanted to affect change in this lifetime with some semblance of surrealism apparently.

Apparently, this time around I only need to be present. This may be the hardest assignment. There are so many old souls we are not required to openly affect anyone. We just need to be present.

This assignment is much like being patient. I realize being patience is not waiting. Being patient is being engaged otherwise while that thing that is coming comes. In this way to be present is a lot like patience.

I don’t get to lay on hands, I don’t get to channel, I don’t get to openly, actively proselytize and make known this great wonder that I feel so deeply. I can do without the proselytizing, except I’m toeing a line right now…

I may be here in this lifetime merely to be present. There is no focus of person or activity.

This lifetime has gifted all of us with the power to CREATE meaning. We don’t have to ask for meaning, we create it. This statement is filled with power. So my super-power is presence? How do I work this? In the meantime, here I am.

Who’s Voice is this?

So while meditation may have brought me to a place within that makes me want to share, I am not sure what I am sharing. It’s possible that what I am meant to share is as clear as the nose on my face, so obvious that I cannot see it for myself. That would not surprise me.