Take a Walk

We are so happy to be here with you. We love you. We support you. We are you regardless.

You suffer bouts of anxiety. We need you to understand how unnecessary these are. These bouts of anxiety serve no purpose in the big scheme for it does not stop you from your objective. So, there is no need for anxiety. You know that all is well – all is well with you, with the course of events. You know that much of the machinations of your life are put into place long before you find yourself living the experience. Anxiety is unnecessary.

We would like to practice with you erasing anxiety from your experience. It is unnecessary. It serves no purpose. This extreme agitation is self-inflicted. To erase this feeling – take that walk. Walk away for a moment in preparing for that event that is causing the agitation. There is very little you can do for outcomes. Your anxiety arises from fear of being held accountable for that which is not yours. This accountability is placed on you in an old energy – very old.

Place the accountability back where it belongs. Send a blessing and release the conundrum. This instruction can be tapped to your palm for regular and easy access.

Place the accountability back where it belongs. Send a blessing and release.

We are here to practice with you every time, whether you remember to ask us or not. We are here with you. We surround you in loe.

Hoping you have heard and can use the exercise for stress, for anxiety. Let’s release and erase this unnecessary part of your life. Let’s be happy – all day.

We love you. We cherish you. We are are with you. We love you. We support you. We adore you. Love, that’s you.

The Accord

Channeled 1 Sep 2022

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