Love Away

Thank you for inviting us. Every time you send love out there to touch someone it finds it’s mark. You want to feel that it has touched it’s mark. We want to let you know this is unnecessary that you feel that touch. Remember why you are sending love and send more.

There is not an automatic reciprocation, and your recipient does not know they have been touched by love. They only know, if they are tuned in, that they feel better.

How you feel when you send love is how you feel. There is nothing that adds or takes away from that love you sent. It is sent. It is received. Have no doubts on this. Rejoice in this. Your love is simple and immediate.

Send away – and do take the time to feel love return from all direction. For love grows in the sending. It grows for you. It is of the expansion. Love away and tune back in.

Loving you,

The Accord

Channeled 23 March 2023

Change is Just Change

Yes, you open your fingers and let us through. Your “asking” for our guidance is our invitation to join you. Please, do not feel wrong in asking. You are right to ask for guidance. And you are right in your patience in allowing it to come as it will – rather than as you will it.

By opening yourself just now to feel our love and acceptance in place of your own self-defeating thoughts you have opened the door for instant happiness and fulfillment. Your acceptance of our love is also acceptance of our guidance. You are well to feel love and to allow it to permeate through your body in self-visualization. You are releasing more tension than you know.

You are afraid of the tales of moving planets – quick, possibly harsh changes – how you accept anything, good and bad is up to you. All things, all happenings, all situations are good. We see them for good. You can too. Change is just change. It is neither easy nor hard. Change is change and how we assimilate is how you shall be able to look back with fond memories. All is well. All is right.

You have control in how you feel and how you react. How you react tells those around you how to move forward with you. How you feel will be the same feeling those around you will feel. They will gather this from you – the unsaid.

Don’t be afraid to move on. Don’t be afraid to try this new. Let’s make this that adventure.

Set your commitments, the goals, first. The boundaries will follow easily. The commitment is to yourself. Change is just change. Be good to you. You are loved.

Thank you for asking. It is right to ask. It is right to calm oneself into hearing answers.

Channeled 21 March 2023

Siren Song

Thank you for inviting us – these days have been good to you. You are moving through these planetary upheavals smoothly. You will continue to do so – for you are uniquely positioned to receive vibrations. The love you have surrounded yourself with makes this shift far easier than it would be otherwise.

Rejoice in the love you cultivate. This love includes our love, love from others, and the growing sense of love from within you. This growth, this awareness is tantamount to your joy, to your overall happiness and satisfaction to your being.

Grow the love within you. This is what spills out for you.

Your highest guide is yet to come. Your consistent practice will bring this guide to open to you, to open for you.

We know you crave consistency even while you alone prevent it from occurring. You are a funny being. One that goes against your own wishes. Make your wishes one with your actions, your satisfaction will rise and your wishes will be realized. Act for yourself first – action for you. All else follows.

We love your sense of wholeness and oneness. Cultivate this further. It is a bodily experience of opening and receiving for you – it is a palpable feeling that even we enjoy with you. For you are a part of our oneness. You aide in our knowledge of One.

You are a drop in the ocean and you are the ocean. How you interpret this at any given moment is up to you. Both sides of the statement are correct. Both provide relief. Allow this relief.

Your greatness already is. That you can’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It does. Come see your greatness. Come see your mighty contribution for being here. You are not lost. Only you minimize you. You are far larger than you give yourself credit for. You are magnificent and prolific and ALL of it matters. Everything you offer matters. Add everything to this life. This is the time. This is what you came for. This was worked on and practiced. It was your drive to come now. The rest was icing; THIS is the cake. NOW is your due. Cash in, as they say. Just do it.

May you focus as you intended. There truly is nothing external holding you back. You have paved the way and we and you are ready to share.

With our love go forward.

Set your path. Find your physical times to allow your life here finally as you intended. Remember those days knowing older was better? We are here. We are here now – at the beginning. It’s all been practice. Your life has arrived again. Let us gain some traction and push this beauty along. You have arrived. You are here – Now is good.

Commune with us as you do there on earth and we are there for you. Bring earth it’s song. You are ready. Hard to believe, for you – but you are ready.

With love, with joy, ready to assist

The Accord

Channeled 13 March 2023

Acceptance of Health

Podcast: Season 3, Episode 10

Available now on

Acceptance of Health was channeled 18 Feb 2023.

Self-healing is available. It requires acceptance.

As in Heaven all things are available on Earth. Not the other way around.

Let the waters of your own cleansing wash you. And as you clear and cleanse – Believe in your health.

As we accept the wellness and the light, know that you are safe as well. Treat yourself well and find comfort.

Enjoy. Sarah

Instructions For Your Ailments

Good morning. Thank you for inviting us to the conversation with yourself. We understand you would like confirmation of our presence as you are channeling. We are not sure you understand what you are asking. But as we hear you – you wish for confirmation that we are speaking and not yourself. As you relax and calm your questions, and yourself, you will find you are opening – as if double doors are swinging wide to open for you both inward and outward simultaneous. This is true – these doors are opening for you. As you feel the love now engaging know that you are receiving – receiving on all levels of thought, physically, emotionally and spiritually. This ‘download’ as it is being called is you fully receiving.

And now your interpretation of this download is where your words, your focus, your concerns come to play. PS: we love to play.

Don’t be so serious – this is fun and whole-istic, all encompassing and now your topic —

What can be done to increase your health? You list a couple of issues you wish to correct. The visualization to make these issues correct themselves has been shared with you. Please think back on the suggestions that felt most relevant. The child that spoke to her ailment as a person or personality will be a very effective moment for you – for these ailments of yours have things to say to you, to share with you. Your understanding of these ailments will heal you.

Sending vibrational love and clear instructions to your ailments also resonates with you. Once you have come to an understanding of the issues these ailments portray you can be very effective in the instructions for ‘everyone’ involved.

We suggest you look into this vibrational healing – find the passages that speak to you, then have those conversations with your ailments. For your sake, for your deepest understanding, spend the time with your ailments. Write down what you hear. Re-read and understand the issues – pose more questions and then find the best solution for your body and spirit. At this point, yes, you may then give instructions to your body so that all is corrected and life for you continues to bloom.

Yes, we enjoy your gentle self-massage too. This loosens much of your unrecognized tensions. This is good self-care. You may or may not see physical results, but it aides greatly in your overall health.

Continue to ask for our presence and we will continue to arrive. Today you’re allowing strong and obvious connections. It is up to you to request and to feel these connections. Are we there with you – yes. We love showing you – it is always fun. Thank you for asking.

We love your humor too.

Chanelled 5 February 2023

How We Come Through

Podcast: Season 3, Episode 9

Available now on

How We Come Through was channeled 18 Feb 2023.

To channel, to hear or feel the vibrations, the energy, the wholeness is available for everyone. This episode is a good description of what I feel.

The Accord is right…I don’t “step-aside” to let their energy in. I feel an “opening” within.

How does your Universal Source feel for you?


You are coming upon many messages of Love and Oneness and the opening to the great Source and you feel this message may be getting old – overused- or has been fully expressed. But rest assured there are many that have not heard this message yet. Your sharing of the ultimate Oneness is paramount in paving yet new roads. Yes, there is a wave of understanding occurring at this time and your message adds strength and momentum that is very much required to make sure this message achieves full growth. You are a fine messenger and we are proud to be a part of this wave of information and love.

You will be at this for many years and it will be received fresh from many avenues. When the word is good it does not grow old. And when the information is correct it will evolve with many iterations to be sure it is heard. Your iteration will evolve as well and our message will be relevant for all the time that you share it.

We are One. Source is available directly to all of us. Whether you call upon Source and call it prayer, or intention, or calm – Source and the words are available. Find joy in this.

And too – go about your day without care that your thoughts of Source are inconsistent – such is the human condition and of no consequence to Source. Source is there always – in total consistency, total constancy. Available always.

To feel Source is to feel heard. To feel Source is to feel love. To feel Source is to reside in calm. To feel Source is available in any moment of peace – allow peace that you may allow Source. Rise to calm so Source may engage. In this we are all One.

In Oneness there is only love. In Oneness there is only give-ness. In Oneness we all reside. Feel this and feel universal joy; joy beyond measure.

Allow Source, my dears. We enjoy your company. This message is not new – but is and will always be relevant.

Channeled 19 January 23


We are pleased to be invited today to write with you. You have given much thought to multi-dimensionality and it is giving you much entertainment. The physical feeling of ‘being’ in another space is a strong beginning movement for you. The mental shift to allow other than what previously comes to mind is another strong move toward an opening that you otherwise cannot know. Only in opening to new practices will new experiences arise. We applaud you in your mental and physical movements toward that which you have only heard of. You are a great adventurer. We will continue to guide you in multi-dimensionality as you grow stronger.

We can feel your overwhelming and correct sense of oneness as you step toward this multi-dimensionality. For in this larger arena our and your Oneness truly is. The wholeness of your life is easier to experience. In this oneness resides the over-arching love we speak of so often. You will feel our love more completely – as will those that join you in this adventure. This love is. It is. This love is so diminished in the experience you all are experiencing now. We are astonished at the vague mist of it that you live in. When in fact it is the atmosphere. It is the air. This love is heady, thick, palpable, so completely pervasive; it is the singular truth of our existence, yet you only get a whisper, a quiet breathe of this wholeness in your lives.

Please feel these breaths as sustenance. Rejoice in these whispers of Source. We will support you as far as you will let us and more that you cannot know. We are this love. We are this love and it is you. You are this love. You breathe this as we do. You do not feel this – yet you can. In this life you can, and your exercise is wonderful practice to feel this completeness of love.

The multi-dimensional realm allows this love. It allows the connection of all to be a part of your now experience. We enjoy being part of this movement.

We see this no longer as a wanting, but now a trek to be honored; on the road, walking the trail, taking action in the face of what cannot be seen. It is exciting. We are enjoying the ride with you.

Thank you for inviting us. We are here to assist, as needed, with love.

The Accord

Channeled 26 Dec 22

Refresh with Source

Podcast: Season 3, Episode 8

Available now on

Refresh with Source was channeled 30 Nov 2022.

Refresh with Source. Allow your ego to relax while you allow the truth of Oneness to fill you. Give love to Ego and let it rest while you bathe in the Oneness that is Source. Meld with love and be refreshed.





And enjoy ~ Sarah

You Bring Joy

Your power is now – in the moment. It is a great power. There is no power in the future tense. There is a great pull – but the forward momentum occurs in the Now.

We love you. We mean you well. We cannot foretell your future and in many ways today this is what you ask – you ask for timelines and outcomes. This is all up to you.

Continue to practice your highest vibration – regardless of your actions for change in your future. You must continue to practice the highest vibration for your own happiness. This reaches far more than you. This joy is for more than you. Regardless of the changes that you believe you are bringing to fruition – the joy you bring into these changes will make timelines moot. The changes, the result – the joy – is your true goal.

Practice joy. It is spiritual health, it is mental health, it is spiritual evolution and mental evolution. It is health in all ways. Joy. Choose joy, practice joy, be joy, allow joy, flow in joy and with joy. Joy is your path AND your goal. Allow joy.

Allow our love and our guidance in joy. In your Now is power and joy. Practice Now as well.

Find joy and celebrate it. This allows the fullness of joy to override any sorrow. While sorrow is imminent you are not wrong in seeking joy. Hugs are free.

Thank you for inviting us.

The Accord

Channeled 27 November 2022