Love Away

Thank you for inviting us. Every time you send love out there to touch someone it finds it’s mark. You want to feel that it has touched it’s mark. We want to let you know this is unnecessary that you feel that touch. Remember why you are sending love and send more.

There is not an automatic reciprocation, and your recipient does not know they have been touched by love. They only know, if they are tuned in, that they feel better.

How you feel when you send love is how you feel. There is nothing that adds or takes away from that love you sent. It is sent. It is received. Have no doubts on this. Rejoice in this. Your love is simple and immediate.

Send away – and do take the time to feel love return from all direction. For love grows in the sending. It grows for you. It is of the expansion. Love away and tune back in.

Loving you,

The Accord

Channeled 23 March 2023

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