Change is Just Change

Yes, you open your fingers and let us through. Your “asking” for our guidance is our invitation to join you. Please, do not feel wrong in asking. You are right to ask for guidance. And you are right in your patience in allowing it to come as it will – rather than as you will it.

By opening yourself just now to feel our love and acceptance in place of your own self-defeating thoughts you have opened the door for instant happiness and fulfillment. Your acceptance of our love is also acceptance of our guidance. You are well to feel love and to allow it to permeate through your body in self-visualization. You are releasing more tension than you know.

You are afraid of the tales of moving planets – quick, possibly harsh changes – how you accept anything, good and bad is up to you. All things, all happenings, all situations are good. We see them for good. You can too. Change is just change. It is neither easy nor hard. Change is change and how we assimilate is how you shall be able to look back with fond memories. All is well. All is right.

You have control in how you feel and how you react. How you react tells those around you how to move forward with you. How you feel will be the same feeling those around you will feel. They will gather this from you – the unsaid.

Don’t be afraid to move on. Don’t be afraid to try this new. Let’s make this that adventure.

Set your commitments, the goals, first. The boundaries will follow easily. The commitment is to yourself. Change is just change. Be good to you. You are loved.

Thank you for asking. It is right to ask. It is right to calm oneself into hearing answers.

Channeled 21 March 2023

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