I received my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate recently. A little late in life, possibly. But never too late. I have wanted this designation since I was in my late 30’s (as in – decades ago). I have wanted to teach yoga as much as I have wanted to practice yoga.

Now that my mind races ahead of me with thoughts of retirement I can’t think of a better time to prepare for my next career – as a yoga instructor. I have several years to go yet before retirement.   I have several years to learn to be any of the kind of teachers I have enjoyed over the years.

This last year of actually having a class to teach, and a private weekly session to teach as well, has let me know there are things that occur as a new teacher that no certificate program can prepare for.  Some things are only taught by experience.  That’s the stuff you will find here.

I am currently of a flexible age. I intend to stay here for as long as possible.

(Jan 2018)