Act for the Future

Podcast Season 2, Episode 26

I have records of several channels that discuss when to act, how to act, to be proactive, reactive, to be active.  All of them finally boil down to inspired action.  Rest a moment and consider acting for your future.  Act with movement toward your dreams.  Be inspired, then make your path.  Thank you for joining us.

Happy All Day Long

Thank you for inviting us. We feel you feeling the shift in your molecules. This makes the changes coming about more exciting for you and delicious for us. The expectations within your life become palpable adding to the vibrancy of changes coming. Bask in this deliciousness, grow within it – for it is fertile with the feeling of anticipation.

This is you feeling the way you want to feel. You enjoy change, adventure. You enjoy these feeling. So then enjoy the expectation of these changes you have been setting in motion. You are a good creator – and getting more deliberate as you go. Isn’t it wonderful to feel the feelings you have wanted to feel all along?

The corporeal body follows the feeling – this mirroring environment mirrors the feeling. It can be no other way. Feeling first. Feelings must be strong and believable. The believable-ness comes with practice. Comes with trying it on, adjusting to it. The believing becomes easy and your world mirrors your belief. Make your beliefs wonderful.

Sit and believe that you are happy all day long – and while you are about your day after such a meditation you can more clearly dispel anything that infringes on your happiness belief. This takes practice – so practice again the next day that you are happy all day long – this practice is a meditation. Play out in your opening heart meditation how you feel to be happy all day long.

How does happy feel for you? What thought do you have? How does your body feel as you are happy? Take away from your meditation any goals or achievements – just feel how it feels to be happy. After your meditation you may bring this feeling with you into your day. Practice your day feeling happy. Some days we will not get very far before circumstances pull this feeling from you. So practice again during the next meditation. And the next. Bringing the feeling of happiness with you into your day for as far as it will go.

And yes, eventually your days do fill with happiness and that is when things begin to happen for you and for those around you. You will find your happiness opens pathways to greater fulfillment in your life – and the other axioms of happiness fill into place.

They will be different for everyone – but things such as security, strength, weight-loss, good foods, good company, satisfaction are all coming in to underlay your happiness. Or maybe it is the happiness that is the underlay to all that. Regardless, for it is all the Oneness of life that you are learning.

All of this is the Oneness of life. Be happy. For no reason other than you can. For no reason – none needed.

Channeled 16 May 2022

Into the Storm

Podcast: Season 2, Episode 25

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Into the Storm was channeled 20 Apr 2022. It sounds ominous listening to it now. The channel reminds us we are in the storm – as if we can’t already feel it. Yet, even while the channel is showing concern – this concern seems to be more about how we perceive the storm, not particularly why we are in it. There is a comfort in this channel. I hope you get that sense too.

Enjoy. Sarah

Exploring Money

Thank you for the invitation. It is true that you are not here for the money. You are here for the experiences, for the growth and to understand the love from this perspective of human on earth.

We hear you state your desire to drop the baggage that weighs you down with debt; a very noble AND wonderfully selfish request. We would like to suggest to expedite this request that you reframe your views on money. Explore what you believe money is to you and then throw it out the window.

Money is a presentation of energy. You have the energy – the presentation is a very human aspect. Money represents the energy you already possess. This is the limitless energy of soul we are speaking of. Only you are pinching off your recognition of the energy – only you are restricting how much comes through- both in the form of energy and the form of money.

Yes, slough off the baggage that slows your financial health – build nothing in it’s place – only allow the energy free reign to move freely and joyously. All will be resolved – as it was never un-resolved, not in this energy.

You are well. Go forth.

Channeled 12 May 2022

Breathing for Now

Podcast Episode #24

Season 2

“Now comes with us. Like breathing. You cannot breathe but at this moment.” Come listen and enjoy the breath.

Channeled 23 Apr 2022

Body of Joy

Thank you for inviting us. Such a pleasure to join with you during meditation.

Just a moment here to point out how much you felt the most general thoughts that held your mind today during meditation. We too understand your frustration at all the thoughts running in your mind as you try to quiet and release these thoughts. They seem to get louder, eh? Yet, when you were able to hang your thoughts for a moment on joy we too felt your body and your mind melt into the thought of joy. Joy lingered in your mind and all was right for you in those moments. Your mind again raced away with thoughts shortly after – until you were able to find the feeling and thought of happy. Again your mind and your body shifted into a more receptive, open being.

These are good for you. Just as good as the meditation days of unassuming bliss or losing time in a multi-dimensional weave of existence.

Today’s meditation was successful. Today’s meditation counts. Benefits you do not feel yet have been received. Benefits are flowing through to you – stay open and receive.

with love – Accord.

Channeled 11 May 2022

Mundane and Divine

As you move out of the way our words should become clearer. It is a practiced process and we hold our thoughts longer than you know.

There is only love. Love has so many elements for you. It can be heavy or light. It is comfort. When love is an obligation – this is not love. This is ego using the divine inappropriately. Love is and embodies absolute freedom. Love is ever expansive – so the thought of obligation within that ultimate freedom is an human construct and is not the love we share and are embodied in here.

You are loved – openly, honestly. There is no room for deceit for with this divine love all of it is on the table, no cards up our sleeve, it is all laid out ready to be explored, to be experienced, to be found and basked in.

Love is all there is. It is the final and the first essence of life.

For today we soak you in love. Know that there are layers of knowledge within this love and as it is necessary your own knowing will rise from this love. This love holds all things for you. As you allow yourself to explore and experience this love knowledge will arise for you and specific to you. Feel this love as you walk in it, as you sit or drive through this. Allow this to be all that you cannot see.

You will see forgiveness as this love IS the oneness of ALL. From it the knowledge you need each day comes forth. The knowledge of our love, of this love, feeds itself to grow stronger. As you feel and see more evidence – so this love becomes more real. That is how the human mind collects information. Allow yourself this sight so that your personal miracles become your every day. As miracles occur they will no longer feel as miracles but rather the miracles are your every day. This is love. Mundane and divine.

All of knowledge is in this love. You may treat it as sacred or as yours specifically or yours generally – we ask, we suggest, you bask in it. You allow yourself to bathe in it for maximum happiness, for maximum effect and air dry to take it with you throughout the day.

We love. We love you. We are love. There is only love.

The Accord.

Channeled 10 May 2022

Preventive Care

Thank you for inviting us – we love your question and scramble to answer. There are so many answers. “What can we say that will help?” What a lovely question.

Let us start – There is a Oneness. This Oneness is all encompassing. this is the feeling “you are not alone”. When you feel alone, abandoned, without a person to turn to it is this Oneness that you must tap into. This Oneness is actively participating in life – you know this presence.

At the time of feeling alone you humans become self-isolating. Refusing what you know will heal; refusing to acknowledge there is help because this help is unseen (?). Get over it and tap into this infinite love. Tap into this overwhelming (for you) love and acceptance. At the time of deepest despair stop crying and listen. Listen for whatever you hear. You will hear, ultimately, love; or a loved one. You will hear what grace sounds like.

And this listening this in not necessarily with your ears, dear humans. This listening starts in the ears and expands – becomes listening to the vibration. It is vibrational listening. Your entire being can feel it – it reverberates.

Vibration reverberates and the ultimate Oneness of our and your being is actively shared. Let’s be clear – it is always actively shared. Ultimate Oneness – this vibration is ALWAYS actively shared. It is in the awakened consciousness of you, the moment of open conscious awareness of this vibration, of this Oneness, that you can dispel the alone-ness you feel. The Oneness shall fill the vibration. In the awareness of Oneness alone-ness falls away as false. Alone-ness is a myth. But we are not here to convince you of this. We are today speaking of how to remember you are not alone.

At times of utter despair it is difficult for humans to remember the cure for this. You forget that healing is just as possible but action must be taken. You must tap into your Oneness. Just as you would run to the medicine cabinet to get the ointment and bandage – run to your capabilities of listening. Listen with your body for the vibration of life. The vibration of this Universe. Be filled with knowledge and love and KNOW this love is part – is the essence of -the Oneness you have tapped into.

Know our love. Before despair, before strife, while you feel well, especially while you are feeling good. Tap into these vibrations. enjoy fully the completeness and the company of this vibration. This has a preventive effect. Practice this vibration with Oneness of love, Oneness of molecules, Oneness of nature, Oneness of your planet, Oneness meaning All-encompassing of “G*d”. Let it be huge. Also let it be smaller than atoms. Practice and play in the vibration. Enjoy. These play-dates will prevent the torture of aloneness. It will proof you from feeling despair as it has previously manifest. This kind of play is health and healing.

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy your lives. These are lives you requested and are ready to crack open in celebration to be here at this great shift. Congratulations for such an auspicious era!

Loving you! – The Accord.

Channeled 3May2022

The Accord is Singing

Thank you for moving aside. We have been looking forward to sitting with you again to record us. It makes us giddy to know we are invited. We get such joy from these visits with you.

We are pleased that your run-away thoughts have landed on things and activities you enjoyed as a child. Your images of being on the swing-set, playing hide-n-seek and playing in the creek hunting tadpoles, playing at “the cliffs” chasing field mice – these are all wonderful images. You enjoyed a wonderous childhood free of stress that many others felt. Yes, you are blessed. All through your life you are blessed. You are blessed now and we are pleased that you know this blessing. This is a good life.

Life does not need to be of trials and tribulations to be a “Life worth living”. Why do you humans attach such strife to being “worthy”? You are all worthy – no strife or terrible conditions to overcome are needed. Just feel the love you exist in and enjoy living. The time/space continuum is conditions enough. Remembering “Love” from this side of life is enough. Expanding into this love while you live in time/space is honorable in itself. So many have not grasped this part – the part you take for granted.

You are worthy of all you are, of all you have and more. You are worthy of your dreams. You are a joy machine for yourself and for others.

With every step you fly above where you were. You are in fact walking on sunshine. “Walking” with spirit – Living in spirit is better said. There is much to share and much we need to learn how to say.

(Singing now, singing in their language, imparting profound knowledge. I understand, but not fully. I understand, but there is no translation – chorus of voices – interweaving with nuance of love and knowledge and stability.)

Don’t worry – the words will come. or the experiences that translate our song. It is for you to bathe in, for you to burrow into the nuances and crannies of. Enjoy our song all day. We will sing for you again soon. The song reaches depth of you not available in mere words. So many ways to speak profoundly – words are not the most effective. Song is better.

Channeled 22 April 2022

Playful and Exhausted

My love, we know what you want. And again we say – go play, go romp, do your cartwheels, swing high and for as long as you want. When you are exhausted come sit with us. Be folded into our love. Allow the love, the warmth, allow us to envelope you and hold you in our love. curl up with us and rest.

Allow complete rest after the fun and joy of playing. Allow this to be your meditation. Allow yourself the inner joy the inner play. Ice skate and chase field mice, wade in the stream to catch tadpoles. The cool water and the hard stones all interplay with the prickly-soft feel of the grass as you lay down and describe clouds. Feel a day of play when you meditate. Your life is unfolding as you are accepting it. Go have fun in your meditations. Feel the fun so there is no other expression in your mind.

And when you have exhausted the fun – climb into our lap and feel the comfort, feel the unconditional-ness of our love, the completeness of love. Stay and rest in us. Rest in a profound sense in our presence. Touch the face of god so you may more fully fee our love and then – Allow, Allow, Allow.

Channeled 17 April 2022