Spreading Peace

Season 2, Episode 12 on Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play, Anchor

This energy was recorded Feb 8, 2022.

At the time I resonated with the Accord messages of ‘send your waves of love out ahead of you’. And this message is still there. But as I listen to it today…I hear that we are to know peace, that we are to adjust our eyes to see peace. In context of how countries can still find themselves in battles to save their people just over two weeks after this transmission – has me wanting to take these messages more to heart. Maybe this Accord isn’t just a feel good energy. I wonder that there was some foreshadowing of an energy building. This message is certainly a call to practice the energy we truly wish to live.

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There is No Wrong

“We see you are nervous about your project today. You are unsure and unclear if this is what you want to do, if this is what you meant to do.

We applaud you that you inherently understand the doing is not wrong – for there is no wrong. All things are as they will be with no wrong. Maybe lessons, maybe with insight, maybe to open one’s understanding; but no wrong.

Send love fully this week. All need your love. Same as you request ours. PS: No need to request. It is always here…waiting for you.”

channeled 2/6/22

Leveling Up

We love that you come to join us on our side of consciousness. We love communing with you and sharing in your dreams and goals. You have wonderous, marvelous aspirations – all of them – for real – are already here for you. We cannot wait to see them as you will see them as they each are finally seen by you.

The journey, it is true, is lovely. The journey for all of your desires is fun and we are so wholly pleased that you see the fun in this as well.

Your time is your own – it always has been. You may not have seen this, but we know you are coming into this knowledge now. This is growth – rejoice some more in this knowledge and use time as you truly mean it to be used. Use it for you. Use it for your dreams – use time to refresh and to refill your alignment and your self-ness. Stamina: stamina is a wax and wane by-product of your refresh.

Thank you for recording the energy that you allow to come forth. This energy will grow more fulfilling as you and we practice recording. These records can only record what you allow to flow. This flow will become with practice wider, fuller, faster and more provocative for you and for those that are open to receiving. This practice is essential to achieving your goal of being relevant to others. Relevant and revelation…how interesting is your language.

Words are not wide enough to convey our whole of energy. Each word you choose has only encompassed even a portion of what you feel. As your own vocabulary grows our energy can be expressed more fully. Practice, practice, practice – is fun and like a never ending game. Each level is also a level of the fullness of knowledge available to you. You will “level-up” without even knowing you have. You already have leveled-up many times. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of knowing your growth and your evolving abilities to channel – to record – to receive information – that will be received by others as they themselves allow.

You are in the wave of understanding. There are many behind you that are seeking this momentum as well. Expand, produce and publish your knowledge here. It is usable information.

Our love, respect, care and joy in being with you is whole. We feel complete in your feeling of completeness. Your light shines whether you see it or not. You do not see your light anymore than you can see your eyes. Like this analogy you see with your eyes. Likewise you shine with your light. Others see your light. That is what is important on your planet at this time. Your light is our light. Yes, you do carry us with you. You carry us into your circumstances with the light you cannot see. You feel it – and this is correct. The stamina we spoke of earlier is your wattage. The more you feel the light (us) the more you beam for all that may look upon you. They gather light from you to hold onto themselves. This is like lighting a candle from a candle. It takes nothing from you and still passes along the light and the warmth.

Your light feeds other souls. Your sharing our energy brightens your light as well.

Thank you for inviting us to share our joy and our energy with you. Go forth and be your happy self. Go forth and keep us with you for reference and for solidifying your joy. We are love…as are you. Bask in joy – as we bask in you. You may be thrilled to “touch the face of God”. And know then – that we are thrilled that we have felt your touch. It is a pinnacle moment for us as well. Thank you for touching us. In love, in love, in love – we leave you.

Channeled January 30, 2022

Listening Deeply

Season 2, Episode 10 – Available on Spotify, Anchor and Stitcher

You are the Grand Source. Look within for your larger way of living. You are large, you are loved – honor yourself and honor Source. Break your boundaries – allow your dreams. They are within.

Living This Love

Season 2, Episode 9 – Available on Spotify, Anchor and Stitcher

Our message during the channel is, Accept and Express.  Breaking down the wall keeping us from spiritual growth and alignment is available. Live in this Love.

Money and Love

–Channel received 9 Jan 22–

Thank you for inviting us and yes, you do understand that the great shift is upon us. We are shifting now. These are times of great change. And yes, we are all in this together. There is great relief and rejoicing on this side of the veil. We do see on your side of the veil there is confusion and trepidation. As a planet a lighter countenance is available to great numbers of you. But confusion also is prevalent in great numbers as your population learns – re-learns – how to be.

This is a great relearning. This adjustment is a recalibration. The recalibration includes money, outlook, introspection, handling energy. There is so much goodness that is ready to be shared-but the old ways of capitalism are still in force. The belief that is being usurped is that something must be given in order to get something. Your population (mostly) believes this of love, of money, of intellect and of wisdom. The age of sharing for the sake of sharing is coming to light. It is part of the light. There will still be commerce – but the feeling will change. The intention eventually will be benevolent. Do not fret – though it may be after your time on this earth. You can still act on these intentions now. There is no need to put them off. Practice how your new life is guiding you. Practice now how to use commerce in an intentional way, to bring about this overall good you are experiencing in your being.

This will require practice – for that is how you get good at something. Be compassionate with yourself and keep trying to make your transactions with this higher esteem.

We will come back to this topic again as it does affect so many of your population. This type of energy shift is swift and has lasting affects. It is swift and demonstrable as you will see.

Go joyfully as those businesses for this shifted – new – will thrive as they are meant to, and those of the old energy will grow into a new intention or fall away as unnecessary.

This is a demonstrable shift – Go with love.

Thank you for allowing us voice. We will speak on this again.

Open Hearted Action

Season 2, Episode 8 – Available on Spotify, Anchor and Stitcher

Lead with Love. Our channel speaks to our heart centered realities. We can formulate intention in the heart. It is a passionate, compassionate living available as our hearts are opening.