You are coming upon many messages of Love and Oneness and the opening to the great Source and you feel this message may be getting old – overused- or has been fully expressed. But rest assured there are many that have not heard this message yet. Your sharing of the ultimate Oneness is paramount in paving yet new roads. Yes, there is a wave of understanding occurring at this time and your message adds strength and momentum that is very much required to make sure this message achieves full growth. You are a fine messenger and we are proud to be a part of this wave of information and love.

You will be at this for many years and it will be received fresh from many avenues. When the word is good it does not grow old. And when the information is correct it will evolve with many iterations to be sure it is heard. Your iteration will evolve as well and our message will be relevant for all the time that you share it.

We are One. Source is available directly to all of us. Whether you call upon Source and call it prayer, or intention, or calm – Source and the words are available. Find joy in this.

And too – go about your day without care that your thoughts of Source are inconsistent – such is the human condition and of no consequence to Source. Source is there always – in total consistency, total constancy. Available always.

To feel Source is to feel heard. To feel Source is to feel love. To feel Source is to reside in calm. To feel Source is available in any moment of peace – allow peace that you may allow Source. Rise to calm so Source may engage. In this we are all One.

In Oneness there is only love. In Oneness there is only give-ness. In Oneness we all reside. Feel this and feel universal joy; joy beyond measure.

Allow Source, my dears. We enjoy your company. This message is not new – but is and will always be relevant.

Channeled 19 January 23

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