Ideas Do Not Require Words

Yes, we are still here whether you “feel” us or not. We are yet an actual part of you. Science is finding tools to more fully recognize this but you hardly need science – you feel. No longer are you needing to “prepare” for our visit. You only need to open to our visit and the visits are now immediate. This is a blessing for all involved. We are blessed to ‘speak’ with you direct. Your connection with us is strong and often. Of course the ease of visiting is now part of our relationship.

Your quest to feel multi-dimensionality in every day life is bringing more benefit than you can see at the moment. Even feeling the multi-dimensionality is benefit. Those around you feel this opening and you are noticing the conversations people are having with you – truly connecting with you. These are connections of the moment – but so many go about their day reflecting back on the moment with you. You are a conduit as you tap into the multi-dimensional aspects of your living. The conduit is clear and the energetic vibration enhances the topic, the views expressed, and the resilience of the interaction. This is a good exercise to continue into your next months. There is much for you to learn as well. There are conduits waiting for you, enhanced by the knowing, which you will meet.

As much as you will say – it is the feelings that speak to others. Words are good for solidifying an idea. But ideas do not require words. The emotional feeling one experiences during an interaction is more closely aligned with the communications of souls. You, in this manner, are aligning with souls. This is the multi-dimensionality you seek.

Your own alignment clearly is in place and we rejoice as you strengthen and stay flexible in your alignment. More souls are open to receive of you. You are loved. You are cherished. Be at one.

The Accord

Channeled 28 December 2022

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