We are pleased to be invited today to write with you. You have given much thought to multi-dimensionality and it is giving you much entertainment. The physical feeling of ‘being’ in another space is a strong beginning movement for you. The mental shift to allow other than what previously comes to mind is another strong move toward an opening that you otherwise cannot know. Only in opening to new practices will new experiences arise. We applaud you in your mental and physical movements toward that which you have only heard of. You are a great adventurer. We will continue to guide you in multi-dimensionality as you grow stronger.

We can feel your overwhelming and correct sense of oneness as you step toward this multi-dimensionality. For in this larger arena our and your Oneness truly is. The wholeness of your life is easier to experience. In this oneness resides the over-arching love we speak of so often. You will feel our love more completely – as will those that join you in this adventure. This love is. It is. This love is so diminished in the experience you all are experiencing now. We are astonished at the vague mist of it that you live in. When in fact it is the atmosphere. It is the air. This love is heady, thick, palpable, so completely pervasive; it is the singular truth of our existence, yet you only get a whisper, a quiet breathe of this wholeness in your lives.

Please feel these breaths as sustenance. Rejoice in these whispers of Source. We will support you as far as you will let us and more that you cannot know. We are this love. We are this love and it is you. You are this love. You breathe this as we do. You do not feel this – yet you can. In this life you can, and your exercise is wonderful practice to feel this completeness of love.

The multi-dimensional realm allows this love. It allows the connection of all to be a part of your now experience. We enjoy being part of this movement.

We see this no longer as a wanting, but now a trek to be honored; on the road, walking the trail, taking action in the face of what cannot be seen. It is exciting. We are enjoying the ride with you.

Thank you for inviting us. We are here to assist, as needed, with love.

The Accord

Channeled 26 Dec 22

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