Replenish in Grace

Yes, allow your body to feel the fullness of grace. As you fill with grace you notice there is room for more – even while you feel full. Go ahead accept more grace. Allow grace to enter you and settle in; to become a part of you. For grace is a part of you – settle in.

Allow yourself to feel this grace today. All day. There is no telling what will happen. Only that you will feel grace within.

Whether this affects you or affects others is not a matter to be decided. Grace, today, just is. Grace, today, is not a verb. Just allow grace to reside in you. Allow grace to fill you and take the place of your other feelings. There shall be no room within you for any feelings, notions, grievances; for no grievances can form or continue in the presence of grace. Allow grace to be dominant in you today.

You will feel grace within you in whatever manner feels right and then carry this with you today. It is not a burden, it relieves burdens. Grace enters you and becomes a part of you, slipping in and dissolving as part of you. You are able to accept more grace all day long. Replenish in grace.

Look out through the eyes of grace and this shall be your day.

Channeled 22 Mar 22

From Sarah: From Paulo Coelho (without permission) Manuscript Found in Accra – (affiliate link)

“Give us this day, Lord, our daily miracle, even if we are incapable of noticing it…

And when we open our mouth may we speak not just the language of men, but the language of angels too and say: Miracles do not go against the laws of nature, we only think that because we do not know nature’s laws.”

I have this taped up under my computer. (smiles)

It’s All About Love

Podcast: Season 2, Episode 15

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The Accord revels in the connections gained in meditation. All is love, and all is growth. This is a subtle experience, and growth can only be measured (if you must) after the fact. This growth and this expansion is a two way street – between us and The Accord. And it is all about love.

Channeled Feb 26, 2022

Life Unbound

Season 2, Episode 13 on Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play, Anchor

This energy was recorded Feb 3, 2022.

Unbox, unfurl your inner knowing. You have the ability to feel more than sensory. Boundaries are all around us – to live as no boundaries is to live in love. Logic is unnecessary when there are no boundaries. All is available in the name of love.

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Spreading Peace

Season 2, Episode 12 on Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play, Anchor

This energy was recorded Feb 8, 2022.

At the time I resonated with the Accord messages of ‘send your waves of love out ahead of you’. And this message is still there. But as I listen to it today…I hear that we are to know peace, that we are to adjust our eyes to see peace. In context of how countries can still find themselves in battles to save their people just over two weeks after this transmission – has me wanting to take these messages more to heart. Maybe this Accord isn’t just a feel good energy. I wonder that there was some foreshadowing of an energy building. This message is certainly a call to practice the energy we truly wish to live.

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Wave of Consciousness

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We are experiencing at this time in history a wave of new consciousness – a wave of growth in our consciousness.  It is including those we work with, those that are leaving us…

We are in this together – not as a solitary function.  Time to participate.  Time to say hi to those around us, in recognition.

“Love each other, as we love you.  Love is all there is.” The Accord

Channeled 14 Jan 2022

I find a fellow channeler, Kryon, is addressing the new consciousness. I have not read the book, but the channeling is insightful beyond description. (affiliate link) The New Human. The channels are found at Kryon

Multidimensional Remembrance

There is a remembrance that is available to everyone. It is the remembrance of things not necessarily done in this lifetime, but rather in parallel “lifetimes”, or during the lifetimes of others. This remembrance is where individuals tap into information that is available in the multiverse.

Your question today it to continue the discussion of how to tap into and how to use the multidimensional aspects available to individuals at this time. So, at this time it is productive to consider the multidimensional information as a remembrance.

As one meditates, as one is posing questions, or easing into new thought territory, it is a good exercise to seek a remembrance of information openly during the meditation. By openly, we mean seek information not as a problem to solve but as a remembrance of “how it was done” – a remembering of a process.

Nuggets of information will arrive and your path will be cleared for the meaning you requested. We are not saying the path will be cleared for you, not that a path will be laid out – though that can happen. We are saying the information, the remembrance, will occur and the “answer” you requested will be available for action without your having to dwell on your request.

This is ONE aspect of multidimensional living that is available to you. There is more – that is why it is call ‘multi’ – because there are so many aspects – most all of them helpful to you. Some easier to access in the current spiritual climate. We can discuss others as we work with this aspect of rememberance.

Possibly you can “remember” some of the other helpful aspects of multidimensional living? There is your challenge for today.

Joining with Multidimensional Alignment

It has been some time since we were here and we thank you for the invitation.

Alignment is awesome. You ask about the multidimensional-verse and how to access this “side” of yourself – and your alignment with all there is is key to this experience. And as meditation and alignment are not forced issues, neither is tapping into the multidimensional side of yourself- What is it like? What does multidimensionality feel like?

For you – it will feel like an openness, It will feel like a lack of boundaries. There is teeming action that can yet be felt in comfort and quietude. It is not actionable per se. Your actions in the multidimensional life come later, when it is not obvious you are witnessing this dimension.

The stronger the meditative bond with this multidimensional side the stronger it will affect your life, your decisions, your insights – it is part and parcel with coming into alignment that we have been advocating all along. As you come into alignment through your meditations you have already tapped into the multidimensional aspects of your life. The veil has thinned already. In fact – you have lifted the veil repeatedly and our connection is all the more lovely for this lifting.

You do not give yourself enough credit for how “deep” or how wide your net is cast spiritually. You think you are living on the base side of this All – when actually you are living very highly in the love side of this alignment and equation. Your requests have been and continue to be – how to bring this alignment of yours out and openly available for you day to day.

This is a leap that needs to happen – we translate this as procrastination. You have not kept up with your promises to yourself out of fear. Fear of acceptance. Only that – fear of acceptance. This acceptance is the key to emotional and financial well being.

Keep at this process – extend it – get over the fear and embrace this aspect of yourself – Get over it so that you may enjoy these benefits and the fullness of life as you know it to be. You DO know it to be fuller than most out there.

Clear your path some more to bring your talent to light. Keep up the practice and find your fresh rhythm – you want this multidimensional life in this lifetime – it is available to you. Today we are aligned with you – Please sit quiet for a moment to solidify this alignment as we close today. We enjoy having the day with you. We enjoy sending reminders of our love for you and for all throughout the day. You are a good conduit to flow, to share our love – you get better with practice.

Sit now and enjoy, as we do, this alignment – this love – this connection (on all levels).

We are so pleased to be here. Thank you.

The Lightness of Light Podcast

Lightness of Light

The energy of the Accord wants to share,

“Remind them of the lightness of your light just by your presence.”

Darkness always recedes when lightness arrives. Continue to arrive.”

This is a channeled energy discussing A Course in Miracles to help guide those that are ready. Not everyone is ready to receive this energy, but when you are…here is an avenue for you.

A Course in Miracles is available directly from their website : (or through the usual Amazon channels affiliate link).

Utter Love

Thank you for your invitation. We want you to know you yourself are utter love. We know you more deeply than anyone on earth and you are love – all the way through. You are, you have a depth unheard of on the earthly plane. Like quantum anything you are a microcosm AND a macrocosm simultaneously. We have you with us at all times even as we focus on you within the earthly plane. Your DNA is timeless as is your soul – yet these are both available for adjustment.

As you felt during the cosmic procedure during a Kryon Circle of Twelve meditation[May 12, 2021], you did receive ‘surgery’ from our esteemed colleagues. You felt it. You felt the relief too of having toxic parts of you being removed. They were. When you returned for the second procedure the effects were not felt as immediate and you were/are not aware of the internal cleansing that occurred. You are ready for another procedure if you choose. Your longevity is affected by these procedures. Most recently these clearings have been for your health.

There are more experts in our midst for other ailments, but only as you recognize them. There is no reason to be concerned with bodily ailments as you learn to employ the Council of Healers at your disposal. They disperse much of your discomfort as you sleep and even as you relax, truly calming yourself. There is much they can do and have done to allow you to enjoy this life more fully.

With that said, please continue to enjoy your body; yes, sexually too – but we were referring to muscles and muscle strength. Practice stamina and strength. Your muscles propel you. It is movement that makes this life fun and experiential. This life is supposed to be experiential.

Thank you for inviting us this fine, fine day. We enjoy spending time with you. Don’t forget the first part of our talk – you are eternal just as we are. You are us.

We love you.