Open the Doors and Windows

Thank you for inviting us. Your expectations – you have no expectations today. Please leave the door open – We are gathering.

We note that you are collecting feelings like you collect things. They are cluttering your perception. Your feelings are creating mind clutter. Feelings are a navigational guide only – not something to hold and collect. Feelings are your guide. Once they have assisted in your movement, assisted in your growth possibly, they are to dissipate to allow clearness, clarity for continued life navigation.

By clearing your previous feelings from your mind you have a clean map to work from. The waypoints and trails are cleared from your “screen” – thereby opening again all possibilities. Your feelings are your guides only. They are not collectibles. There is no value in holding onto used feelings.

Clearing your mind is a good thing. All thoughts are available to review at all times. You can pull up your thoughts any time, nothing is lost that you with to keep. Yet clearing your mind allows the NOW to enter and the possibilities to arrive.

Refresh in your meditations today. Clear your mind to be ready for freshness, for newness, for lightness and for guidance that reflects your opened clarity.

Air your mind out. Open the windows in your mind and let the fresh breeze blow through and move the stale feelings from the room you keep. Open your conscious to the eternal springtime of clarity. Though clarity knows no season and all seasons as well. Watch the curtains in your mind flutter in the wind of clearing your mind.

When this is done – when the breeze of clearing is complete for you for today make yourself a mental cup of tea and “sit” peacefully, warmly and at home in your mind to enjoy the space, to revel in how wonderous and open your mind feels in the moment.

You are well – more than you know. You are whole – more than you know. Relish moments like these. Relish these moments. They are available on your schedule – remember to use your moments. Make that time. Open the doors and windows. Allow your joy as you continue your journey.

Thank you for inviting us.

Channeled 29 Jan 2023

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