Mundane and Divine

As you move out of the way our words should become clearer. It is a practiced process and we hold our thoughts longer than you know.

There is only love. Love has so many elements for you. It can be heavy or light. It is comfort. When love is an obligation – this is not love. This is ego using the divine inappropriately. Love is and embodies absolute freedom. Love is ever expansive – so the thought of obligation within that ultimate freedom is an human construct and is not the love we share and are embodied in here.

You are loved – openly, honestly. There is no room for deceit for with this divine love all of it is on the table, no cards up our sleeve, it is all laid out ready to be explored, to be experienced, to be found and basked in.

Love is all there is. It is the final and the first essence of life.

For today we soak you in love. Know that there are layers of knowledge within this love and as it is necessary your own knowing will rise from this love. This love holds all things for you. As you allow yourself to explore and experience this love knowledge will arise for you and specific to you. Feel this love as you walk in it, as you sit or drive through this. Allow this to be all that you cannot see.

You will see forgiveness as this love IS the oneness of ALL. From it the knowledge you need each day comes forth. The knowledge of our love, of this love, feeds itself to grow stronger. As you feel and see more evidence – so this love becomes more real. That is how the human mind collects information. Allow yourself this sight so that your personal miracles become your every day. As miracles occur they will no longer feel as miracles but rather the miracles are your every day. This is love. Mundane and divine.

All of knowledge is in this love. You may treat it as sacred or as yours specifically or yours generally – we ask, we suggest, you bask in it. You allow yourself to bathe in it for maximum happiness, for maximum effect and air dry to take it with you throughout the day.

We love. We love you. We are love. There is only love.

The Accord.

Channeled 10 May 2022

Friendship, Respect and Love

Your Ego is enjoying and has made friends with your Highest-Self. They came together several “months” ago – as you were reading about the ego not wanting to give up agency of you – the “meeting” occurred. Their friendship, between Highest-self and Ego, is growing and is loving and playful. Both Ego and Highest-self bring information, emotions and insight to the table. This is an interactive participatory relationship. There is a sharing of respect and joy, a knowing culminating in love for you, and anticipated great guidance. No need to fret for the sake of Ego. Ego is enjoying the growth within the Highest-self.

This relationship IS mental health. These two “sides” coming together to feel our love, to feel the completeness of life – to gain and strengthen the feeling of compassion, gratitude and to be overwhelmed by the feeling of emotions of something loving and larger than self – this is mental health.

You are in a healthy state of being. It is a display, internally for each of you, of oneness with the creator, oneness with Source. What could possibly be better than knowing Source in your lifetime? The emotion of knowing is in itself as mentally healthy as one can imagine at this time. Healthy emotions are healthy mental states. Let us together review how all this lovely and vast emotion of knowing that you gain in meditation is a foundation of mental health.

And let us start by focusing on love – Love is the ultimate expression of health – healthy love.

We will address again – but please know your Ego and Higher-self are joined in friendship, respect and love. You are complete in this.

Channeled 14 April 2022

Allow Yourself To Smile

Season 2, Episode 20

Living in this new (now) consciousness…Allow Yourself to Smile.

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Bask in the Goodness

You are good to keep your thoughts high. It does no good to consider, contemplate on low thoughts. You compound what you think on – and adjusting your thoughts away from topics or scenarios that agitate you has been a productive practice for you.

Yesterday was a good case in point – by steering your thoughts toward things you do want you were compelled to work on the projects that will propel you on your journey as you wish to be. This learning has been fun for you and we are enjoying the journey as well.

There is no good that comes from allowing thoughts of things you don’t want. None. Keep choosing your thoughts. Keep choosing your daydreams. Choose your topics to feed your true interests. No need to share your good thoughts now, anymore than when they were not so good thoughts. But, you are happier – bask some more in the knowledge.

You are safe. You have made correct decisions and you will continue. We hear your affirmation – and it is already yours. Open your eyes and keep learning to enjoy being you happy spiritual self. You are rocking it.

Channeled 25 Mar 2022

There is so much inspiration from this channel – To keep going here please take a look at Abraham-Hicks, this is merely one video available through YouTube.


Respect, Self-worth and excellent timing to be here on earth.

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Channeled 4 Mar 2022

Imagine Big and go BIGGER

Thank you for inviting us to speak. You are loved. You are greater than you can imagine. Imagine big, then go BIGGER. This imagination exercise can be applied to so much in your life that you wish fulfilled. Let us say – the free-will of your lives, is in your action. This imagination only sets the stage. Take this grand imagining with you onto the stage. You must take action.

Even what you consider small actions – they may in our realm be the tipping point of your engagement to make all your imaginings come to life for you.

Again, free-will is embodied in Action. No action – then it can be hard to claim free-will. You do or you do not – you do something for yourself or others and this puts in play so many other pieces to fill gaps in your imagination.

Yet know that when you imagine without action – you are also displaying your free-will not to engage with the thought. And nothing is done. You may still find synchronicities even without action. But these synchronicities must be acted on for the fruitful blending of this embodiment of imaginings.

You have free will. You can think what you want, you can act or not act. These are the basics of life – always have been.

We would like to encourage you to be the acting person – to choose the imaginings you have wished for all along. Act on you own behalf – you truly have nothing to lose that won’t be gained one hundred fold after action.

How to keep promises to yourself? Start the new habit – start it today. Start your day with the actions you truly want. Toss the games and newspapers if they interfere. They hold no interest. Lock yourself away to enjoy your task untethered to outside distractions. First thing – no diversion- you (Sarah) actually look for diversions. There is nothing to be scared of in engaging in your life’s bliss. There is no one stopping you but you. Release your fear – or at least ride through it to the other side. It will fall away the moment you begin working your true interests. Go and enjoy. Keeping promises to your self is a matter of over-riding your fears. This is a childhood fear that you have ridden through. Someday you will address it – if it doesn’t dissipate on it’s own. That is not necessary. Take action for you. Show you your love and respect.

Enjoy the process – the learning. Shut the door and be selfish. This is good for so many people. You do your best and you will be happy. Take the class. Learn your craft. Make the list and work it. Make it your challenge – that will keep you held to your promises. Make it happen – for you. You are worthy and you are the one to DO this project.

Have fun and know we are right here with you.

Channeled Feb 24,2022

From Sarah – imagination is real. Shakti Gawain wrote the perfect primer (affiliate) Creative Visualization.

Flow With Love

“Yes, we have plenty to say. That you are spreading vibrational love does immense, immeasurable good. This is the love that mankind can make a difference with. Do not deny the world this gift – for love is a given. Yet so few accept – we keep giving.

It is the most holistic gift, the hardest and the easiest gift. Love is the most expensive and the free-est gift available.

Do continue to flow your love outwards – flow your love outwards in general to everyone. Or flow your love out to those you know or know of.

It makes no matter – flow your love out. It is the greatest gift and it is always welcome and always functional.”

channeled 7 Feb 2022

Wave of Consciousness

Available on Spotify, Stitcher and Anchor

We are experiencing at this time in history a wave of new consciousness – a wave of growth in our consciousness.  It is including those we work with, those that are leaving us…

We are in this together – not as a solitary function.  Time to participate.  Time to say hi to those around us, in recognition.

“Love each other, as we love you.  Love is all there is.” The Accord

Channeled 14 Jan 2022

I find a fellow channeler, Kryon, is addressing the new consciousness. I have not read the book, but the channeling is insightful beyond description. (affiliate link) The New Human. The channels are found at Kryon

Play In this Love

Love is the gravity and the movement of all there is…
Love is not small – you can only recognize small parts. The more often and the more you recognize, the bigger it becomes for you.


Choose Higher

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Excepts from todays channeled energy:

“Be the ‘who’ you are.”

“It is a healthy mind that allows a healthy body.”

“With Source there are all answers.”

Thank you for dropping in.