Refresh with Source

Podcast: Season 3, Episode 8

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Refresh with Source was channeled 30 Nov 2022.

Refresh with Source. Allow your ego to relax while you allow the truth of Oneness to fill you. Give love to Ego and let it rest while you bathe in the Oneness that is Source. Meld with love and be refreshed.





And enjoy ~ Sarah

Strengthening the Connection

Podcast: Season 3, Episode 7

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Strengthening the Connection was channeled 20 Nov 2022.

Meditations – themed meditations – strengthen our connection with Source Energy. The themes are already of emotions and subjects that connect to Source. It is the meditation the strengthens this bond – love, gratitude, joy, Gaia. Bring more depth to your meditations knowing your connection is stronger for the doing.

Enjoy. Sarah

Open the Doors and Windows

Thank you for inviting us. Your expectations – you have no expectations today. Please leave the door open – We are gathering.

We note that you are collecting feelings like you collect things. They are cluttering your perception. Your feelings are creating mind clutter. Feelings are a navigational guide only – not something to hold and collect. Feelings are your guide. Once they have assisted in your movement, assisted in your growth possibly, they are to dissipate to allow clearness, clarity for continued life navigation.

By clearing your previous feelings from your mind you have a clean map to work from. The waypoints and trails are cleared from your “screen” – thereby opening again all possibilities. Your feelings are your guides only. They are not collectibles. There is no value in holding onto used feelings.

Clearing your mind is a good thing. All thoughts are available to review at all times. You can pull up your thoughts any time, nothing is lost that you with to keep. Yet clearing your mind allows the NOW to enter and the possibilities to arrive.

Refresh in your meditations today. Clear your mind to be ready for freshness, for newness, for lightness and for guidance that reflects your opened clarity.

Air your mind out. Open the windows in your mind and let the fresh breeze blow through and move the stale feelings from the room you keep. Open your conscious to the eternal springtime of clarity. Though clarity knows no season and all seasons as well. Watch the curtains in your mind flutter in the wind of clearing your mind.

When this is done – when the breeze of clearing is complete for you for today make yourself a mental cup of tea and “sit” peacefully, warmly and at home in your mind to enjoy the space, to revel in how wonderous and open your mind feels in the moment.

You are well – more than you know. You are whole – more than you know. Relish moments like these. Relish these moments. They are available on your schedule – remember to use your moments. Make that time. Open the doors and windows. Allow your joy as you continue your journey.

Thank you for inviting us.

Channeled 29 Jan 2023

Each Expansion

We are honored to join you this day. Thank you for inviting us. Your meditations emphasized fun today – and we enjoyed singing with you as the roof opened (for you) and the sky opened (for us) to allow the fullness and expansion available.

You can allow more expansion. There was a point of not allowing in your meditations today. We want to suggest – relax and allow. Much as you live on earth – relax and allow. Expand and allow – allow the expansion.

Along the edges of your expansion are the nuances to allow the life you can have. Know that each expansion gathers in another set of nuances that enhance your life. Reflect on your life since you began meditations, since allowing these expansions of spiritual acceptance, and you will know this to be true. Some nuances have been so incorporated into your living you can hardly remember the distractions before you adjusted. Some nuances in your life have allowed a full-grade leveling up of your circumstances.

These are all products, or enhancements that you now allow from spiritual expansion – from allowing love, from practicing forgiveness, from opening your heart, your mind and soothing your ego into the friendship with the All there is.

We are loving your ego – we always have – and to have your ego enjoying and reveling in our esoteric knowledge is rewarding on all levels. The relationships expand – as your spiritual knowledge expands.

We are all about expansion and we thank you for this love.

Channeled 5 Sep 2022

Our Natural State

Today you wish to listen, to hear the voice of the Ages. We are so glad and so pleased to be invited.

You are stepping aside well. Relax and open. Open to what comes to you. Open and relax. The word is here.

Yes, it is good to wrap oneself in love. This great bubble of calm and peace can descend and surround you at any time you invite it. This bubble of calm and peace will help you focus. Just this feeling of peace will adjust your thoughts to provide direction for your life decisions. The decisions are not necessarily made during this instant of peace. But rather this instant of peace is where the door opens to allow best decisions for moving forward.

Practice this calm. Allow this bubble of love, warmth, peace and calm to envelope you, to warm you, to cool you. Allow the quiet to descend within you. Fully feel the grace of the moment. Relax the body to flow with the relaxation of the mind. Drain your thoughts. There is no ego thought here. This moment could fill quickly with ego – but allow your thoughts rather to rest. Allow your mind to rest. Relaxation is for all of you – all parts of you, seen and unseen.

This love, this calm, this peace, this cooling and warmth – to practice this relaxation and allow the words of Source Energy – this is self-love. This is self-care. Moments, merely moments here can be expanded on to allow for minutes. Repeat often to allow eventually to reside in this love, this beautiful selfish state of feeling God’s love. You can reside in this love for what can feel like days.

You will be interrupted. But to return to your natural state of love becomes easier with practice.

This may not sound as though it is a natural state. This is only because you have been trained away from your restful reliant state of love. Practice this, practice this love, for moments throughout your day. No one but you need know the moments you take for yourself. This practice of love is ultimately for you after all.

The more you practice your love the more it shall be felt by others in the course of interactions and even proximity. While a selfish act, this practice of love exudes and positively affects all around you – even those you do not see.

Listen. Go quiet and listen. Go quiet, listen and allow the universal love to fill you. Sit. Be still. Enjoy.

You are our love. Thank you for clearing today. We are so happy to be here. Thank you, The Accord.

Channeled 14 June 2022


You are right to take care of yourself first. Once you are in the sacred your demeanor, your physical self and your mental self, can attend to the situations you find yourself in with grace and more correct than if you attend to situations without connection.

To put in English – take care of yourself. Take care of your spiritual self. Be selfish even if only for a moment to give thought to receiving and allowing the sacred to be with you.

That’s the basis, the basics right there. Go through your trials and contrasts in life allowing grace, allowing the presence of sacred to be with you and of you.

When you think of sacred your thinking mind goes blank. It allows a wide clear canvas for sacred to be what it is in that moment. Allow this. This is correct.

Enjoy the sacred moments – allow them to expand around you. There are loved ones in distress. But your distress will not cure them. Your finding sacred in your life is selfish in the best way possible. It will allow you to act on right action and to be okay with not acting when the action feels wrong for the moment.

Feel the sacredness of your own life. Feel the sacred that is in you first. Expand in this as your day allows. Feel right in your skin. Feel the rightness of life unfolding. Remember it is all sacred – and we will see it this way.

Send your love. Send the love you find as you tap into sacred life to the loved ones and all those around them. Send love. Just love is best. One thing is all. Send love. That is the best blessing, the strongest. And feel your own sacredness in this act. You are loved.

Channeled 9 June 2022

Fullness of love

Thank you for the invitation. We are thrilled to be here today. There is so much to say, so many topics – thank you for picking up your pen.

Let us settle in on the fullness of love. This is a most basic premise…this love. This love you exist in is as ephemeral as the air you are surrounded by. And all things operate in this love. Like smells that waft through your air – that are part of air but felt separately – so love surrounds you and the ripples of other loves that are felt separately waft through. By focusing on air you can smell individual smells – cut grass, food cooking, forest smells. By focusing on love – meditation is good for this – you can feel the loves that waft through this love – warmth, joy, calm, thrill. All parts of love, you may find parts of love you have difficulty describing, this is no less love.

What about those feelings that are not love as you understand it? What about hatred? Please know love is where we operate – you and we. Hatred can return to love. But human free-will is at play and hatred is allowable. This is an old energy. This is an old energy of a love that no longer serves. To hate is as strong as to love – rather was as strong as to love. This hate has been twisted and a current human hate still resides in love – but dissipates, dissolves, as it reaches the other side. Hate does not operate here – this is singular to the human condition (for our purposes here).

We are available to assist in teaching love as first described. We are here to nudge, to remind you of the fullness your life with love is.

The human condition, mostly human conditioning does not currently allow, for most, yourselves to live in love. This is changing. Love is available – at all times – to live within it – at all times – to be surrounded and active within love – at all times.

This is not a cocoon. This is a new earth you can actively be working toward. Many of humans are working toward this end. The best way to help or assist others is to live here and now as an example. No teaching will reach the masses like living this love. Individually – this is done individually – for yourself first. Every step closer – be sure to rejoice. There is no false step, there is no falling short – every step closer is a joyful step toward living in love. To gall back, to not feel the love is not to be despaired. Join in where you are to live your love. Right where you are is love.

Thank you for having us today.

Channeled 29 May 2022

Body of Joy

Thank you for inviting us. Such a pleasure to join with you during meditation.

Just a moment here to point out how much you felt the most general thoughts that held your mind today during meditation. We too understand your frustration at all the thoughts running in your mind as you try to quiet and release these thoughts. They seem to get louder, eh? Yet, when you were able to hang your thoughts for a moment on joy we too felt your body and your mind melt into the thought of joy. Joy lingered in your mind and all was right for you in those moments. Your mind again raced away with thoughts shortly after – until you were able to find the feeling and thought of happy. Again your mind and your body shifted into a more receptive, open being.

These are good for you. Just as good as the meditation days of unassuming bliss or losing time in a multi-dimensional weave of existence.

Today’s meditation was successful. Today’s meditation counts. Benefits you do not feel yet have been received. Benefits are flowing through to you – stay open and receive.

with love – Accord.

Channeled 11 May 2022

Playful and Exhausted

My love, we know what you want. And again we say – go play, go romp, do your cartwheels, swing high and for as long as you want. When you are exhausted come sit with us. Be folded into our love. Allow the love, the warmth, allow us to envelope you and hold you in our love. curl up with us and rest.

Allow complete rest after the fun and joy of playing. Allow this to be your meditation. Allow yourself the inner joy the inner play. Ice skate and chase field mice, wade in the stream to catch tadpoles. The cool water and the hard stones all interplay with the prickly-soft feel of the grass as you lay down and describe clouds. Feel a day of play when you meditate. Your life is unfolding as you are accepting it. Go have fun in your meditations. Feel the fun so there is no other expression in your mind.

And when you have exhausted the fun – climb into our lap and feel the comfort, feel the unconditional-ness of our love, the completeness of love. Stay and rest in us. Rest in a profound sense in our presence. Touch the face of god so you may more fully fee our love and then – Allow, Allow, Allow.

Channeled 17 April 2022

Allow & Receive

Podcast: Season 2, Episode 22

Distractions are the culprit of both allowing and of receiving. Take moments for yourself. Clear the distractions.



Channeled 13 April 2022

Hear it here…