Body of Joy

Thank you for inviting us. Such a pleasure to join with you during meditation.

Just a moment here to point out how much you felt the most general thoughts that held your mind today during meditation. We too understand your frustration at all the thoughts running in your mind as you try to quiet and release these thoughts. They seem to get louder, eh? Yet, when you were able to hang your thoughts for a moment on joy we too felt your body and your mind melt into the thought of joy. Joy lingered in your mind and all was right for you in those moments. Your mind again raced away with thoughts shortly after – until you were able to find the feeling and thought of happy. Again your mind and your body shifted into a more receptive, open being.

These are good for you. Just as good as the meditation days of unassuming bliss or losing time in a multi-dimensional weave of existence.

Today’s meditation was successful. Today’s meditation counts. Benefits you do not feel yet have been received. Benefits are flowing through to you – stay open and receive.

with love – Accord.

Channeled 11 May 2022

Playful and Exhausted

My love, we know what you want. And again we say – go play, go romp, do your cartwheels, swing high and for as long as you want. When you are exhausted come sit with us. Be folded into our love. Allow the love, the warmth, allow us to envelope you and hold you in our love. curl up with us and rest.

Allow complete rest after the fun and joy of playing. Allow this to be your meditation. Allow yourself the inner joy the inner play. Ice skate and chase field mice, wade in the stream to catch tadpoles. The cool water and the hard stones all interplay with the prickly-soft feel of the grass as you lay down and describe clouds. Feel a day of play when you meditate. Your life is unfolding as you are accepting it. Go have fun in your meditations. Feel the fun so there is no other expression in your mind.

And when you have exhausted the fun – climb into our lap and feel the comfort, feel the unconditional-ness of our love, the completeness of love. Stay and rest in us. Rest in a profound sense in our presence. Touch the face of god so you may more fully fee our love and then – Allow, Allow, Allow.

Channeled 17 April 2022

Allow & Receive

Podcast: Season 2, Episode 22

Distractions are the culprit of both allowing and of receiving. Take moments for yourself. Clear the distractions.



Channeled 13 April 2022

Hear it here…

Send Your Prayer

Podcast: Season 2, Episode 19


Sending your prayers is sending your love. Send your thoughts of repair, of healing, sending care and warmth. Send your prayers – those open will receive. And do not forget to open to receive in return. Hear about vibration – true prayer in our podcast.

Channeled 5 April 2022

From Sarah: If you haven’t already…open the Course in Miracles…start in the workbook with Lesson 1. You’ll want to go back to the text as you’re ready. Start with the lessons: forgiveness, prayer, and a new view of the world – it is truly a miracle.

Bask in the Goodness

You are good to keep your thoughts high. It does no good to consider, contemplate on low thoughts. You compound what you think on – and adjusting your thoughts away from topics or scenarios that agitate you has been a productive practice for you.

Yesterday was a good case in point – by steering your thoughts toward things you do want you were compelled to work on the projects that will propel you on your journey as you wish to be. This learning has been fun for you and we are enjoying the journey as well.

There is no good that comes from allowing thoughts of things you don’t want. None. Keep choosing your thoughts. Keep choosing your daydreams. Choose your topics to feed your true interests. No need to share your good thoughts now, anymore than when they were not so good thoughts. But, you are happier – bask some more in the knowledge.

You are safe. You have made correct decisions and you will continue. We hear your affirmation – and it is already yours. Open your eyes and keep learning to enjoy being you happy spiritual self. You are rocking it.

Channeled 25 Mar 2022

There is so much inspiration from this channel – To keep going here please take a look at Abraham-Hicks, this is merely one video available through YouTube.

Life Unbound

Season 2, Episode 13 on Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play, Anchor

This energy was recorded Feb 3, 2022.

Unbox, unfurl your inner knowing. You have the ability to feel more than sensory. Boundaries are all around us – to live as no boundaries is to live in love. Logic is unnecessary when there are no boundaries. All is available in the name of love.

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Spreading Peace

Season 2, Episode 12 on Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play, Anchor

This energy was recorded Feb 8, 2022.

At the time I resonated with the Accord messages of ‘send your waves of love out ahead of you’. And this message is still there. But as I listen to it today…I hear that we are to know peace, that we are to adjust our eyes to see peace. In context of how countries can still find themselves in battles to save their people just over two weeks after this transmission – has me wanting to take these messages more to heart. Maybe this Accord isn’t just a feel good energy. I wonder that there was some foreshadowing of an energy building. This message is certainly a call to practice the energy we truly wish to live.

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Play In this Love

Love is the gravity and the movement of all there is…
Love is not small – you can only recognize small parts. The more often and the more you recognize, the bigger it becomes for you.