Playful and Exhausted

My love, we know what you want. And again we say – go play, go romp, do your cartwheels, swing high and for as long as you want. When you are exhausted come sit with us. Be folded into our love. Allow the love, the warmth, allow us to envelope you and hold you in our love. curl up with us and rest.

Allow complete rest after the fun and joy of playing. Allow this to be your meditation. Allow yourself the inner joy the inner play. Ice skate and chase field mice, wade in the stream to catch tadpoles. The cool water and the hard stones all interplay with the prickly-soft feel of the grass as you lay down and describe clouds. Feel a day of play when you meditate. Your life is unfolding as you are accepting it. Go have fun in your meditations. Feel the fun so there is no other expression in your mind.

And when you have exhausted the fun – climb into our lap and feel the comfort, feel the unconditional-ness of our love, the completeness of love. Stay and rest in us. Rest in a profound sense in our presence. Touch the face of god so you may more fully fee our love and then – Allow, Allow, Allow.

Channeled 17 April 2022

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