Each Expansion

We are honored to join you this day. Thank you for inviting us. Your meditations emphasized fun today – and we enjoyed singing with you as the roof opened (for you) and the sky opened (for us) to allow the fullness and expansion available.

You can allow more expansion. There was a point of not allowing in your meditations today. We want to suggest – relax and allow. Much as you live on earth – relax and allow. Expand and allow – allow the expansion.

Along the edges of your expansion are the nuances to allow the life you can have. Know that each expansion gathers in another set of nuances that enhance your life. Reflect on your life since you began meditations, since allowing these expansions of spiritual acceptance, and you will know this to be true. Some nuances have been so incorporated into your living you can hardly remember the distractions before you adjusted. Some nuances in your life have allowed a full-grade leveling up of your circumstances.

These are all products, or enhancements that you now allow from spiritual expansion – from allowing love, from practicing forgiveness, from opening your heart, your mind and soothing your ego into the friendship with the All there is.

We are loving your ego – we always have – and to have your ego enjoying and reveling in our esoteric knowledge is rewarding on all levels. The relationships expand – as your spiritual knowledge expands.

We are all about expansion and we thank you for this love.

Channeled 5 Sep 2022

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