Surrender with Eyes Open

It is good to surrender. The field of possibilities opens for you when you surrender. We feel you surrender your schedule. We feel you surrender your grip on the day. This allows so much more than you make available to yourself. As you surrender – open your eyes. Open your eyes to possibilities. These two inner actions are complimentary. You become aware of deeper meaning when you open your eyes in an act of surrender. There is available to you a wider scope of vision, and possibilities occur without effort. The effort and the ease of life is in the surrender. Feel the calm and bask in the fullness of this calm.

Surrender fear. Allow the fullness of that which flows to you in it’s place. As you surrender fear and feel it fall away – feel what flows in to take it’s place. Feel it so that you can name it. Is it calm? Is it stability? Is it joy? Is it something else entirely? What is your fear keeping from you? Today is a good day to find out.

Sit for a moment and envelope (encircle, enrich) yourself in this feeling that replaces fear. Glow in this true feeling. Grow into it so there is no room for any other feeling. And today go out for your day with THIS feeling instead. Let this feeling guide your day.

Surrender to this day.

We honor and adore you –


Channeled 28 Oct 2022

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