Self-worth Homework

This posting is not a channel but rather my notes from the “homework” given last week. Last week The Accord suggested I take the time to contemplate self-worth for myself. I had been in a self-sabotaging mode and looking for guidance to clear this defeating practice. Following is my journal entry at the completion of the week.


Though I thought of self-worth often over the course of the week – I found no emotional connection to the term “self-worth”. I worked it and finally released the need to explore self-worth. I found instead the emotional connection is in the thoughts that feed self-worth. Being worthy of joy is a trigger for me. I am worthy of joy. I have known this to be true. Truly feeling my oneness with the Great Oneness is also integral in my feeling of self-worth. There was a full evening of experiencing the immense grandness of Oneness. There my self-worth was not ever in question. My worth was as grand as that Oneness. It was there, in that space that I understand the Oneness never questions self-worth. Self-worth is within us – there is no need to “trigger” it. Being human at this time right where we are is proof of self-worth whether we rejoice in it or don’t give it a thought. It IS. Just as the Oneness of All IS.

I am experiencing the emotions that allow the Oneness to actively reside in me. Self-worth is not a trigger issue. Allowing is the trigger issue. Allowing love – to come from others and to receive it from others – this opening to allowing is part and parcel of self-worth. Allowing myself to love myself – to display my self-love in actions of care, feeding and receiving my own love of me – this allowing and reciprocating of my own love is directly tied to self-worth. Allowing forgiveness of myself – the over all forgiveness that deems forgiveness moot – because we are all of us One – this is also the greatness of self-worth. I am worthy.

I am worthy of love, of care, of conscious. I am worthy of forgiveness and of give-ness.

I rise each day – I am worthy. Just as the sun rises each day, it is unconscious and unknowing of the worthiness of itself. And as the sun – whether I see my worthiness or not (think fog and clouds) I am still risen each day. I am inherently forgiven for not being seen as worthy. Just as the sun is forgiven for being hidden from us in clouds and atmospheric changes. And here – we, as human never think to change our ideas of the sun’s worth, I need never question my ideas of my worth either. I am here on this planet doing my life. My ‘worth’ is actually a rather moot and silly platitude. I am. I am. That is all that needs to be addressed. I am.

Self-worth is an archaic hold-over term from intolerant cultures that found “self-worth” a driving motivator to keep people in servitude. I am no longer (we are no longer) related to servitude. We are not victims, we are volunteers. Our employment is for all of us a choice. In this choice we choose the show of our self-worth. We (I) can choose to show my self-worth in whatever position I hold that pays the bills for my beautiful life.

Ways to show my self-worth are only required for me to see. Others do not need to see my self-worth. In fact many will not – the enlightened people will see worth and these are the people I am to surround myself with.

Self-worth is an inside job and may well stay on the inside. The sun does not ask others to see it’s self-worth. It shows up regardless – because it is a truly unquestionable request.

As I understand this today self-worth is a constant of being here now on this planet. We are here, therefore we are worthy. To help us accept our worth, or relearn our worth as we shed these old cultures, is to accept and allow the truths of forgiveness, the allowing of love, and the wholeness of our Oneness.

This is what I have learned in the week of considering, of reflecting on, my own self-worth.

I am love, I am forgiven, I am in this Oneness. All are worthy. This includes me.

In love, Sarah.

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