Becoming Playful

Thank you for inviting us. We hear your meditations and we feel your inner flow and we enjoy the playfulness you surround your thoughts in. This playfulness is your insulator of much of the inconsistencies, inequities, and the judgements you feel and witness – both from others and from yourself. By deciding your actions are playful – by recognizing your actions as playful – most judgement is a moot point. You on earth accept playful with a much relaxed judgement. So for you to speak only that you have done as you have because it’s fun – all argument of “why” ceased. Both the argument with yourself as well as the protracted discussion of why (that was about to occur) was deemed unnecessary.

To recognize that no further discussion is required as one recognizes that doing any thing is fun is a miracle in human terms. Justification for your actions is no longer required when one is having fun. Fun is often seen as enjoying excesses. Fun is excessive laughter, excessive foliage, excessive snow, etc. There is in fact nothing excessive in fun. That “excess” is just right and within “fun” excess is no longer judged as excess.

Fun erases judgement in much of the human condition.

Once you are able to label your daily needs as fun your joy shall increase as well. Walking the dog is fun. Washing dishes by hand is actually fun. Brushing your teeth is because it is fun. These “chores” are moments to enjoy as you know they are to be completed. Find your joy in entering the space that suspends judgement. Suspend judgement on your self. Look to others to see where there is joy or fun especially, whether they recognize it as such or not. Recognize their fun in yourself.

This is also an exercise in releasing judgement. There is weight, spiritual and gravitational weight, in judgement. Release this. Consider that now you can apply fun to these actions you judge and this weight shall disintegrate.

Clear your mind and accept the joy within you. Breathe in those opportunities for fun – in everything.

Channeled 18 Nov 2022

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