Wave of Consciousness

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We are experiencing at this time in history a wave of new consciousness – a wave of growth in our consciousness.  It is including those we work with, those that are leaving us…

We are in this together – not as a solitary function.  Time to participate.  Time to say hi to those around us, in recognition.

“Love each other, as we love you.  Love is all there is.” The Accord

Play with this Love

Love is the gravity and the movement of all there is…
Love is not small – you can only recognize small parts. The more often and the more you recognize, the bigger it becomes for you.


Body and Limitless Source

Podcast: Body and Limitless Source

Joyful energy from Source for health and acceptance in your life.  The energy here discusses self-care, the assistance of merely drinking clear, cool water, sloughing of old energies, alignment with your body with energy and finally accepting limitless love for you…when you are ready to receive.

Body Love

I have asked The Accord – How can I be better to my body? And what is this crick in my neck?

It is good that you dropped the weight. But also:

Do a body scan each day. From toes to head. The skin, under the skin, scan all organs and send love.

Do your yoga Legs-Up-the-Wall. Massage your scalp.

Do body meditations.

Use good posture.

Scan your heart as the core, the connection of body to body, mind to body, nerves to body. Scan slowly for feelings, distress, strength.

Send love in the heart to the love in the mind. Send love from mind to love in heart. Send love through the bloodstream to all of the body.

In this way you will be better to your body.

Utter Love

Thank you for your invitation. We want you to know you yourself are utter love. We know you more deeply than anyone on earth and you are love – all the way through. You are, you have a depth unheard of on the earthly plane. Like quantum anything you are a microcosm AND a macrocosm simultaneously. We have you with us at all times even as we focus on you within the earthly plane. Your DNA is timeless as is your soul – yet these are both available for adjustment.

As you felt during the cosmic procedure during a Kryon Circle of Twelve meditation[May 12, 2021], you did receive ‘surgery’ from our esteemed colleagues. You felt it. You felt the relief too of having toxic parts of you being removed. They were. When you returned for the second procedure the effects were not felt as immediate and you were/are not aware of the internal cleansing that occurred. You are ready for another procedure if you choose. Your longevity is affected by these procedures. Most recently these clearings have been for your health.

There are more experts in our midst for other ailments, but only as you recognize them. There is no reason to be concerned with bodily ailments as you learn to employ the Council of Healers at your disposal. They disperse much of your discomfort as you sleep and even as you relax, truly calming yourself. There is much they can do and have done to allow you to enjoy this life more fully.

With that said, please continue to enjoy your body; yes, sexually too – but we were referring to muscles and muscle strength. Practice stamina and strength. Your muscles propel you. It is movement that makes this life fun and experiential. This life is supposed to be experiential.

Thank you for inviting us this fine, fine day. We enjoy spending time with you. Don’t forget the first part of our talk – you are eternal just as we are. You are us.

We love you.

Back on the Mat

I have been remiss in daily yoga practice.  In fact, I fell off the wagon. I’ve been hiding from my mat. In true fashion I’ve been telling myself I can go back anytime.  I feel the guilt of not keeping my word to myself to be a proper yogini.

It’s time to go back.  Going back is not the same as starting – there is a difficulty rating that was not apparent when I first started.   Now it feels hard to start.  It seems a little kick start has been necessary.

I was clamming at the ocean this weekend – we love us some Razor Clams.  It was a marvelous night for clamming, by the way.  Yes, it was crisp – okay maybe cold.  But I bundle up in my neoprene waders and my new clamming boots.  I have my pilot’s grade coat that is meant to deal with near blizzard conditions while a pilot does his walk around just before the plane is de-iced.  I don’t live in the Bahamas.  They don’t have Razor Clams there.  It was a marvelous night because it wasn’t raining.  I won’t go clamming in the cold and the dark and the rain.  Rain is my line in the sand.

As I was pulling up the clams it became evident to me that I am not taking care of myself.  My lower back was really feeling the suction of the sand in the clam-gun as I pulled up another.  I made it a point to concentrate on using my legs.  On the next hole I made it a point to square my shoulders and to pull with my legs.  On the next hole I made it a point to pull the clam up faster and not prolong the agony.  The limit on Razor clams is fifteen per person.  I got to twelve and decided if I pull another I will be unable to walk back up the beach to my car.  As it was I still needed to walk down to the water to get a bucket of seawater to soak these clams overnight so that I don’t have to clean them until the next morning.

Walking up the beach took a couple of attempts.  It is wonderful how when one is walking one can just stop and readjust, move the bucket of water from one hand to the other, switch up how one carries the clamming gun, push the clam net around to the back of one’s body so that one isn’t kicking it with every step.  I appreciate that my friend walked slow alongside me.  We knuckle bumped a good clam dig…proud to just be out there gathering our own dinner.  Fifteen clams is two meals for two people.  These are large clams.  I made her stop twice before we got to the car.

My lower back was in knots.  While I was in the hot shower after we got home I found myself practicing modified cat/cows using the built-in ledge of my shower stall.  I found myself lifting my arm high over head with a gentle bend and allowing the hot water to massage the side of my back, then changing sides to allow the hot water to massage my back on the other side.  I took meds.  I drank wine.  I went to bed.

I can feel the knot in my back.  It is one.  It is a shadow of what it was last night.  This morning I rolled out my mat and prior to meditations I loosened up my lower back.  It was a morning of light and loose cats and cows, seated twists, prone postures with the 4 pose, windshield wipers and legs wide on the mat to allow my knees to fall to one side then the other. I did a very low bridge pose.  Very low, meaning I think I lifted my butt off the mat, but I have no film footage to prove it.

I am back on the mat.  I can’t believe Razor clams kicked my butt like that.


Bubble of Light

I have always liked the bubble affect in meditations.  This is the guided meditation that requests one to surround oneself with light and love and to relax in the safety and love of this bubble.  I love when the bubble is secure around myself how it will lazily drift above and I am not required to do any more than to just be, and to be in this bubble of love and light.

I tried to get that feeling across here.  This meditation is 11 minutes.

I hope you enjoy while you continue to breathe.