Bathing in the Spiritual Energy

Thank you for inviting us today to speak through you.

You do well to calm yourself this evening and at any time throughout your day. Your ability to retreat into calm affects not only you, but many around you.

You are loved and we enjoy sharing these feelings with you. You become more directly a part of us. You are always here in us. We are speaking of the feeling you most directly share of becoming one with us. Please carry this with you for as long as you allow yourself to enjoy this connection.

We see you through Our eyes. As you practice opening so that you also see through Our eyes your ability to see the wholeness of your life and other’s lives grows. How you feel this wholeness is in your fullness. These journals you keep will assist you in putting these observations into your words to solidify these perceptions in a manner you will be able to refer back to at any time. The feelings of being with Us may be wordless, without words, but in time and space you now delve into creating words for this interaction and this is meaningful now and in the future. Journal as you feel this fullness. Solidifying the connection has meaning for you.

You have hit a reset button in yourself and the vibrations leaving you are as important as the vibrations that are now allowed to enter. Reset. The flow of vibration feels clear – this is humanly healthy.

Opening to the flow of energetic vibration is a clearing in itself. Your vibrancy rises and energy for both mind and body clears in a manner that is usable energy for you. This may not be the energy that you all traditionally consider – as the expenditure of your energy – because this is a sharing of energy – a flow and a balancing of human and spirit. This energy will linger after your physical body tires. Your body craves rest while your soul craves the inflow and outflow of bathing in the spiritual energy.

We are here for you as you request. We do not, by spiritual law, do not impose ourselves on you. For we are always there. It is in the recognition of our energies that your vibration responds.

As days go without a spiritual connection – either for your earthly concerns, habits or just business, our connection is still available. It is up to you to call on us. We are always here. We are here. We are embodied in you. There is no reason for us to poke or prod for attention. You always have our attention. You only need to turn to us to find us. We are of you.

As you request our vibration yours will rise to meet us. As you sit in your listening mode your vibration continues to rise as the fullness of your spirit becomes available to you. We appreciate the rising vibration as do you. We relish the fullness of this connection as do you.

Your appreciation this evening for the fullness of your spirit is shared by us as well. This is truly, in all senses of the phrase, the mutual admiration society.

We admire and adore you. You are beautiful beyond belief. And as you see through Our eyes you shall be witnessed through Our eyes. You are our earthly witness. We see through your eyes – the wonderment of all you behold amazes and astounds us as well.

Thank you for looking openly and willingly on our behalf – for witnessing as we do.

Thank you –

The Accord

Channeled 30 Nov 2022

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