Joy Is

You are doing so very well. Please be pleased with yourself and your abilities within your earth realm. You are reaching milestones you set for yourself a decade ago.

You ask about joy and you then hear us sing. The chorus gathers and the joy resounds by being shared. Communion intensifies joy. Bringing joy into community opens it to connect with others of joy. Shared memories are more joyful than solitary memories, of things you have done alone. Joy is increased most easily by sharing. In this sharing is the expansion we speak of.

Joy is not fleeting. Joy is fulfilling both in the moment and on reflection. When staying in your now – joy is pervasive and will stay in the now as well.

Joy is irreverent. There are no rules to joy.

Take the moment here to sit, close your eyes, then bring your whole being into now. Joy rises – quite naturally and wholly. Bask in this. Enjoy this expansion and keep this with you as long as possible as you go on your day.


The Accord

Channeled 2022

Dimensional or Imaginational

Thank you for inviting us to write with you today. You ask often of how multi-dimensionality works in everyday life for humanity – it works as imagination for you currently. What you wish for you can have. This multi-dimensionality for you currently is the playground to try things out – to do a test run, to see if your imaginational desire will bring you the happiness or the satisfaction that you seek.

As humanity progresses there may be another manner to describe how multi-dimensionality works for you. It always works for you and with you. It is a part of you recognized or unrecognized.

As a child this multi-dimensionality was often your secret friend, your invisible friend. You grow out of these friends only because a more tangible dimensionality is in front of you to envelope you in it’s existence.

Multi-dimensionality is still available to you – it exist as your invisible friend until the ideas are brought to fruition. Not all ideas are meant to be tangibly evidenced. Many are emotions and feelings that you wish to experience.

You can allow yourself these experiences without tangible dimensionality. It is still a full life – you may incorporate it as a full life.

As you think it so it is – these multi-dimensional aspects can be thoughts. You can, and you are able to dwell on these thoughts. Pick only the ones you want and dwell until you can bask in the feelings this imagination releases to you. Choose only the good ones. Feel the satisfaction, the elation, the love that IS a part of all of it. Just feel this. Just love these thought processes and progression. There is nothing to do for these imaginings. Feel them fully – love along with them – they may or may not become tangible in your human now lifetime, but it doesn’t matter so long as you have felt the feeling of it completely. Feel the experience completely – you are there in ALL it’s multi-dimensional glory – revel in it. You need no more than this.

Go this this place as you wish as often as you wish and love in it. It is another dimension and can be experienced as well as your current dimension. Practice this as part of your happiness.

It is not all of your happiness. It is another facet of your happiness.

Use it as the beautiful, fulfilling experience that is it’s best purpose. Choose happiness. Choose satisfaction. Choose fullness and feel the weight of the experience. Enjoy this aspect of your life as well.

There are many dimensions to your life on earth. Incorporating this one may bring you joy; choose joy.

Thank you for the time you give us. We are honored to be called upon and we hold your hand in joy and love.

Channeled 29 March 2022


Respect, Self-worth and excellent timing to be here on earth.

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Channeled 4 Mar 2022

Listening Deeply

Season 2, Episode 10 – Available on Spotify, Anchor and Stitcher

You are the Grand Source. Look within for your larger way of living. You are large, you are loved – honor yourself and honor Source. Break your boundaries – allow your dreams. They are within.

Channeled 26 Jan 2022

From Sarah: So many places to find a continuation of this theme. I like Gary Zukav – The Seat of the Soul and Marianne Williamson’s – The Gift of Change. (affiliate links)

Living This Love

Season 2, Episode 9 – Available on Spotify, Anchor and Stitcher

Our message during the channel is, Accept and Express.  Breaking down the wall keeping us from spiritual growth and alignment is available. Live in this Love.