Respect, Self-worth and excellent timing to be here on earth.

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Channeled 4 Mar 2022

Listening Deeply

Season 2, Episode 10 – Available on Spotify, Anchor and Stitcher

You are the Grand Source. Look within for your larger way of living. You are large, you are loved – honor yourself and honor Source. Break your boundaries – allow your dreams. They are within.

Channeled 26 Jan 2022

From Sarah: So many places to find a continuation of this theme. I like Gary Zukav – The Seat of the Soul and Marianne Williamson’s – The Gift of Change. (affiliate links)

Living This Love

Season 2, Episode 9 – Available on Spotify, Anchor and Stitcher

Our message during the channel is, Accept and Express.  Breaking down the wall keeping us from spiritual growth and alignment is available. Live in this Love.