Call to Action, Call to Prayer

“Thank you for the invitation to speak today.

There were times during your active Buddhist prayer days that those people outside your prayer circle, during the gatherings and even during your solo prayers, those folks outside of this active prayer could feel your prayer. They also felt the active participation of energy, of the loving energy that grew and strengthened around you. This energy filled these other people as well. You were a conduit for them to a higher power – to a higher power of well-being.

You are still this conduit and we are grateful and rejoice in being able to assist in this opening of source to a more engaged outpouring on earth.

This means that interaction with a variety of people is required. Inter-ACTION. Together we can find ways to be most effective. Your insight and exposure is being requested in areas you have not yet considered. Stay open and strengthen your source energy. Speak from the heart. You are safe. You are watched over – you are safe.”

Channeled 4 January 2022

From Sarah: I recognize parts of The Gift of Change by Marianne Williamson in this energy. (affiliate link)

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