An Exercise in Sight

Podcast: Season 2, Episode 35

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An Exercise in Sight was channeled 10 Oct 2022.

This is an exercise in sight – in connection with Source.  It may be a quick exercise but powerful in allowing that connection we long for.

“Feel Source energy where all things are possible.”

Through this process my your world light up.

Enjoy. Sarah


As always we want you to know our love – our devotion – you are here on earth at the right time for you – by choice. You have done well in many areas especially areas that you no longer have access to. You are unable to see all your accomplishments from where you are. It is part of the human form and condition that prevents you from seeing all your good. It is this way for everyone. Please know the good has been done and it lingers in many, many, many hearts. Much good yet to do – just be you and this occurs as it should.

You are solid – you dear, are on solid footing, doing humanly solid actions (at work, at home, etc.). You are grounded in this way. You are allowed to put your head in the stars to visit spirituality – to round out and add this expansive awareness and fullness to your life. You are allowed – you have our permission to live a spiritual life. It is not much different than you live now – more open, more open to love, to interpretation; there is no shame here for living spiritually centered.

Your traditional, old-school foundation is strong – allow your spiritual love to move forward – front & center. You will be happiest. Your traditional foundation will give you the means to explain your shift to those not heart centered – you will appear as solid as ever. No worries.

Make this move for you – for your future self. No fear in living your spiritual life.

We will speak again.

The Accord

Channeled 30 Sep 2022

Self-Worth Homework Review

Podcast: Season 2, Episode 32

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Self-Worth Homework Review was channeled just after the writing of my own response to the “homework” suggested by the Accord regarding Self-worth in 2022.

This was a good exercise. Not only to process the idea of self-worth for me, but more importantly this exercise clarified the relevance of this connection with The Accord and these channels.

Enjoy. Sarah

Self-worth Homework

This posting is not a channel but rather my notes from the “homework” given last week. Last week The Accord suggested I take the time to contemplate self-worth for myself. I had been in a self-sabotaging mode and looking for guidance to clear this defeating practice. Following is my journal entry at the completion of the week.


Though I thought of self-worth often over the course of the week – I found no emotional connection to the term “self-worth”. I worked it and finally released the need to explore self-worth. I found instead the emotional connection is in the thoughts that feed self-worth. Being worthy of joy is a trigger for me. I am worthy of joy. I have known this to be true. Truly feeling my oneness with the Great Oneness is also integral in my feeling of self-worth. There was a full evening of experiencing the immense grandness of Oneness. There my self-worth was not ever in question. My worth was as grand as that Oneness. It was there, in that space that I understand the Oneness never questions self-worth. Self-worth is within us – there is no need to “trigger” it. Being human at this time right where we are is proof of self-worth whether we rejoice in it or don’t give it a thought. It IS. Just as the Oneness of All IS.

I am experiencing the emotions that allow the Oneness to actively reside in me. Self-worth is not a trigger issue. Allowing is the trigger issue. Allowing love – to come from others and to receive it from others – this opening to allowing is part and parcel of self-worth. Allowing myself to love myself – to display my self-love in actions of care, feeding and receiving my own love of me – this allowing and reciprocating of my own love is directly tied to self-worth. Allowing forgiveness of myself – the over all forgiveness that deems forgiveness moot – because we are all of us One – this is also the greatness of self-worth. I am worthy.

I am worthy of love, of care, of conscious. I am worthy of forgiveness and of give-ness.

I rise each day – I am worthy. Just as the sun rises each day, it is unconscious and unknowing of the worthiness of itself. And as the sun – whether I see my worthiness or not (think fog and clouds) I am still risen each day. I am inherently forgiven for not being seen as worthy. Just as the sun is forgiven for being hidden from us in clouds and atmospheric changes. And here – we, as human never think to change our ideas of the sun’s worth, I need never question my ideas of my worth either. I am here on this planet doing my life. My ‘worth’ is actually a rather moot and silly platitude. I am. I am. That is all that needs to be addressed. I am.

Self-worth is an archaic hold-over term from intolerant cultures that found “self-worth” a driving motivator to keep people in servitude. I am no longer (we are no longer) related to servitude. We are not victims, we are volunteers. Our employment is for all of us a choice. In this choice we choose the show of our self-worth. We (I) can choose to show my self-worth in whatever position I hold that pays the bills for my beautiful life.

Ways to show my self-worth are only required for me to see. Others do not need to see my self-worth. In fact many will not – the enlightened people will see worth and these are the people I am to surround myself with.

Self-worth is an inside job and may well stay on the inside. The sun does not ask others to see it’s self-worth. It shows up regardless – because it is a truly unquestionable request.

As I understand this today self-worth is a constant of being here now on this planet. We are here, therefore we are worthy. To help us accept our worth, or relearn our worth as we shed these old cultures, is to accept and allow the truths of forgiveness, the allowing of love, and the wholeness of our Oneness.

This is what I have learned in the week of considering, of reflecting on, my own self-worth.

I am love, I am forgiven, I am in this Oneness. All are worthy. This includes me.

In love, Sarah.

Daily Satisfaction

Podcast: Season 2, Episode 33

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Daily Satisfaction was channeled 9 Oct 2022.

There is no need to worry any longer regarding our purpose here on earth – it is irrelevant in these times. It is with our satisfaction and appreciation that this need is fulfilled.

“Your success is in your own satisfaction. Feel that. Feel that satisfaction.”

May you recognize your satisfaction.

Enjoy. Sarah

Worth the Homework

Thank you for inviting us. We are all here. You may feel some of us individually – but then there is the overall warmth of ALL – that is us too.

You want to talk about self-sabotage – that is because you are practicing that at this time. You inherently understand this is actually a self-aware action. But interesting enough, the denial of this awareness is just as strong.

Not surprisingly self-sabotage is an action born of questioning self-worth. It is also an aggressive action against what you don’t want to do. In your case lately your self-sabotage is a mixture of both. You are railing against the machine as you show your non-ability in this project. You are able – you just aren’t practicing your ability.

You ask how to pull out of this – how to stay out of self-sabotage in the first place.

Self-Worth. Practice the true self-worth that you know, inherently know, and the right answer to pull out of these sabotaging actions will come to you. We can tell you to stop it, to do the work or to project to your own personal best and stop fretting over outcomes. But as you experience your self-worth you will arrive upon answers that are very appropriate for you – and certainly more specific to your now as each now arrives than anything we can offer “now”.

Try this for a week – a simple mind exercise – but allow your body to feel this as well – contemplate self-worth.

Contemplate self-worth. What is it? What is self-worth? What is your self-worth? Feel it, the worth, feel it in you. Breathe. You are worthy. Allow this to wash over you and just feel your worth. It may not feel like money – in fact it won’t. There is more to worth than money. Take in your self-worth. Breathe. Make it a part of you. Then find a place, a spot for this self-worth to reside in you – somewhere so it can stay with you. For the day, place your self-worth there to be with you all through your day. Breathe. Then release from this self-worth meditation and go about your day.

You may find you are reminded of your self-worth during your day, or you may not. Either way is fine. Do this meditation for a full week and see how you feel.

Write your feelings and your findings so you can truly go back to see the progression of insights. You may be surprised. But do go back and read your notes so you can pinpoint/clarify your changes. Self-worth is worth contemplating. Get clear on worth and then we can discuss self-sabotage again.

We look forward to this in a week. You have homework. We will be there with you – enjoy.

The Accord

Channeled 28 July 2022

Gaia Energy

Podcast: Season 2, Episode 32

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Gaia Energy was channeled 1 Oct 2022.

“There is so much to be told listening to the feel of Mother Earth.” There is much joy in hearing the earth.

We are not accustomed to hearing the earth speak with us. We are to get accustomed to feeling the messages of Gaia.

Simultaneous energies of the earth, the skies and the stars are available. True knowledge of natural information will affect every level of our lives.

Gaia is our open book. She is our study guide and study partner as well.

Enjoy. Sarah

Our Natural State

Today you wish to listen, to hear the voice of the Ages. We are so glad and so pleased to be invited.

You are stepping aside well. Relax and open. Open to what comes to you. Open and relax. The word is here.

Yes, it is good to wrap oneself in love. This great bubble of calm and peace can descend and surround you at any time you invite it. This bubble of calm and peace will help you focus. Just this feeling of peace will adjust your thoughts to provide direction for your life decisions. The decisions are not necessarily made during this instant of peace. But rather this instant of peace is where the door opens to allow best decisions for moving forward.

Practice this calm. Allow this bubble of love, warmth, peace and calm to envelope you, to warm you, to cool you. Allow the quiet to descend within you. Fully feel the grace of the moment. Relax the body to flow with the relaxation of the mind. Drain your thoughts. There is no ego thought here. This moment could fill quickly with ego – but allow your thoughts rather to rest. Allow your mind to rest. Relaxation is for all of you – all parts of you, seen and unseen.

This love, this calm, this peace, this cooling and warmth – to practice this relaxation and allow the words of Source Energy – this is self-love. This is self-care. Moments, merely moments here can be expanded on to allow for minutes. Repeat often to allow eventually to reside in this love, this beautiful selfish state of feeling God’s love. You can reside in this love for what can feel like days.

You will be interrupted. But to return to your natural state of love becomes easier with practice.

This may not sound as though it is a natural state. This is only because you have been trained away from your restful reliant state of love. Practice this, practice this love, for moments throughout your day. No one but you need know the moments you take for yourself. This practice of love is ultimately for you after all.

The more you practice your love the more it shall be felt by others in the course of interactions and even proximity. While a selfish act, this practice of love exudes and positively affects all around you – even those you do not see.

Listen. Go quiet and listen. Go quiet, listen and allow the universal love to fill you. Sit. Be still. Enjoy.

You are our love. Thank you for clearing today. We are so happy to be here. Thank you, The Accord.

Channeled 14 June 2022


Podcast: Season 2, Episode 31

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Foundation was channeled 21 Sep 2022.

Lay that foundation every day.  This is your magic carpet… the infinite and the sacred.  

Feel this as you feel the sunshine.

Leave trails of love.

Enjoy. Sarah


You are right to take care of yourself first. Once you are in the sacred your demeanor, your physical self and your mental self, can attend to the situations you find yourself in with grace and more correct than if you attend to situations without connection.

To put in English – take care of yourself. Take care of your spiritual self. Be selfish even if only for a moment to give thought to receiving and allowing the sacred to be with you.

That’s the basis, the basics right there. Go through your trials and contrasts in life allowing grace, allowing the presence of sacred to be with you and of you.

When you think of sacred your thinking mind goes blank. It allows a wide clear canvas for sacred to be what it is in that moment. Allow this. This is correct.

Enjoy the sacred moments – allow them to expand around you. There are loved ones in distress. But your distress will not cure them. Your finding sacred in your life is selfish in the best way possible. It will allow you to act on right action and to be okay with not acting when the action feels wrong for the moment.

Feel the sacredness of your own life. Feel the sacred that is in you first. Expand in this as your day allows. Feel right in your skin. Feel the rightness of life unfolding. Remember it is all sacred – and we will see it this way.

Send your love. Send the love you find as you tap into sacred life to the loved ones and all those around them. Send love. Just love is best. One thing is all. Send love. That is the best blessing, the strongest. And feel your own sacredness in this act. You are loved.

Channeled 9 June 2022