Thank you for inviting us. Please know that when your sense of creativity is high so is your general vibration. We are not speaking of manufactured creativity – not the project that you are forcing yourself to start or to complete – we are speaking of the delight that you feel when you recognize pieces coming together in new and creative ways for you. Creativity is a result of opening and allowing. This is why it feels so good.

To keep ourselves in a creative environment is to gather around us the sense of allowing. And vise-versa – to surround ourselves in an allowing/open environment is to gather and recognize our creativity. Creativity is a release. It is a release of what is inside of you. Whether beautiful or fearful or downright ugly it is a release. There is a very thin line between creativity and art. Some very disturbing releases of creativity are also considered great pieces of art. We are disturbed in our oneness by much the same things. (Hieronymus Bosch is the visual I was given.)

Creating – to build, to build upon – and creativity are one and the same. Love is creative.

Enjoy your creativity. We rejoice in it as well. Clear your mind – create merely to create. Allow the expansion of perception as you will. Creating tools for creation is still creative. Enjoy it all.

Thank you for being with us.


Channeled 19 Nov 2022

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