Truth, Bias and Commerce

You compare yourself, your message, to other messages you hear. They are all valid – they are all delivered with goodwill and with the clearest truth of the translator. Your truth is as clear as it can be at each sitting. Your truth becomes clearer with each sitting. Biases do arise. Please do not worry of your biases – every human has them. Your biases resound with many. And they are clearing out of your psyche as you allow them.

Truth is full of bias on your earth. Yet the light of realized consciousness continues to shine through, to become brighter and this affects more of you. A new truth emerges. The old truth is left in the shadows – which outright disappear, disintegrating with the shining light of this new consciousness.

Do not worry of your truth. It is as good as it can be and you are allowing a clearer truth with every questioning of your habits, of your beliefs, with every choice you make.

You even choose your truth with every purchase. The energy of money affects everyone along the pipeline of providing goods and services. Commerce holds a lot of energy. It does not hold truth. Rather it holds keys to what you believe true.

The energy flow of commerce affects all of you in one form or another. How you are enticed to buy has changed radically from thirty years ago. This enticement continues to change. These changes in commerce are changing habits and changing truths for every one. How a truth is expressed is expanding and this change is part of the fabric of human interactions now.

The kinder interactions are more prevelent and humans are responding. Allow this.

Allow your choices in commerce to reflect a kinder, thoughtful response to your life. Choose for you – still – but choose that which is good for you – whether it is what you eat, ingest, wear and where you live. Make the choices that feel good; that feel right.

These are the most correct choices in commerce for you at the moment. And then allow this momentum to carry you to even better choices in the next interaction. You are on the right path. Enjoy and allow.

Channeled 30 May 2022

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