Lifetime of Alignment

As most mornings I am in meditation and I ask for alignment. This morning I am told I am in alignment – I can feel the direct and purposeful connection. I am told I am in alignment and always have been. The flash of my life, a cursory view runs through my mind’s eye and I perceive and even see some of the decisions, some of the actions, that prove the voice is correct. I am in alignment. I always have been. This is not so much a revelation as a confirmation of how I have been feeling for generations. I am not new, and a couple generations have come after I found my voice. So yes, I have been feeling this way for generations.

There is the alignment of finding Buddhism that blew open Christianity to include so much more depth and a structure of growth within me to see more, to be better. Learning Buddhism was like learning a new language and I got better at speaking my native language in the process.

Then an alignment of finding yoga, that instilled quiet, an active quiet that allows both my body and my mind exercise and peace. My body knew love, just as the meditations allowed my inner mind to know love.

The alignment to find the Seth Materials – and how these made me wonder how I am to live on this earth knowing these things from the other side of the veil. Seth Materials revealed so much from the other side of our lives, from the side that is our soul, and I wondered how I am to live on this side of the veil having experienced in those readings the true nature of reality. Maybe it was ALL revealed, but I could only assimilate so much.

I found quantum physics to help me comprehend some facets of what I am learning. Not just on an esoteric plane, but one that is qualified by our current science. I no longer feel “out there”. Rather, I have a footing in my life that makes what I am learning not crazy, but maybe ahead of my time. Gary Zukav and Brian Greene have made me feel intelligent, rather than fringe. And then the channels lately, the alignment of finding them – Abraham Hicks, Kyron. The meditators, Chopra, of course, but Dr. Sue Mortor too. There is so much I am aligning with for decades and I wonder of the movement.

To be sure I may not be ahead of my time. I am afraid anymore that I am falling behind. All the copywrite dates on these books and the posting dates on YouTube and other channels, movies and media make me realize how far behind I am. That I am not a trailblazer. I am not the Pioneer. I am following a path along with so many others. So many that I have not met. I am assimilating as fast as I can.

I have found myself surrounded by people that are comfortable in their lives. I work with people that want to be there, be at work. They want to see the work done, and done right and on time and take pride in being a part of the whole. I am surrounded by friends and neighbors that are working cooperatively. It is a joy every day. EVERY day. Is this the shift? Have we all found our alignment and we are aligned without any discussion between us? Alignment appears to us as an action. I see our alignment. Apparently, and obviously, is does not require discussion.

I understand not talking of this sacredness we are displaying. I gather that some align without “trying”. I understand some spend hours in meditation to find this alignment. It is all too personal to speak of, and to speak of it is to miss the mark. Many, many years ago I heard the words, “Love is a verb.” and it finally made sense. We may feel love but to spread love, to show our loved ones they are loved, to feel love – that love must be an action to be shared, to be seen, to be realized. That is part of alignment.

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