Constructing Time

Thank you for again inviting us. You are wiser and older than you know. We here have known you since before you were where you are. We have known you for eons – if there were ‘time’ here in our existence. Time – following the constructs of time is known to us as a foreign language. One we do not feel as you do. We see you living in time. We know the boundaries of time are flexible and completely permeable – but you do not see this. It is one of the concepts we would like to show you – how to use time more effectively – as a tool for greater satisfaction in your lives.

Time moves, it is pliable. There is no set law of rigidity of time.

It is most certainly an aspect that is to be dealt with in the construct of your lives on earth. “Time marches on” is correct for you. But how quickly it marches – how it can contract and expand to accept, to fit, to allow for pieces of your lives to be experienced is available for interpretation and active usage by you.

You contract time when you feel the need to be somewhere immediately, to meet someone or to meet a deadline. In contrast you have expanded time – actively – when you have relaxed to finish your moment uninterrupted – THEN gone to meet your someone AND you were still “on time”.

Let’s use the example of meeting someone – a friend. You allowed time to contract, speeding above the speed limit while you rushed to complete whatever, or to grab your things to get out of the house and into traffic, to find a parking spot and to meet your friend – who was showing up just as you arrived.

BUT, time also relaxes and expands as you relax and double check you have all your belongings and relax to let the car warm-up and you smiled as the traffic that let you in and the parking spot become available. AND your friend was just getting there too.

Time is not imperial.

Give your hand a rest. We will talk about your ability to use time, your ‘mastery’ of this and more another ‘time’. Pun intended – thank you.

Channeled 5 April 2022

PS: “Did you see that you used time this morning to your advantage? By moving your order of preparing for the day you ‘gained’ time. You play with this often – and well. Keep it up.” The Accord.

From Sarah: I was entranced in Gary Zukav’s discussion of time in Dancing Wu Li Masters, and Seth’s discussion repeatedly throughout his channels through Jane Roberts. (affiliate links – but really enlightening stuff. I highly recommend both.)

Lifetime of Alignment

To be sure I may not be ahead of my time. I am afraid anymore that I am falling behind. All the copywrite dates on these books and the posting dates on YouTube and other channels, movies and media make me realize how far behind I am. That I am not a trailblazer. I am not the Pioneer. I am following a path along with so many others. So many that I have not met. I am assimilating as fast as I can.