Who’s Voice is this?

Meditation is where I go spiritually. Meditation is my preference to clear my mind and to open my heart. This blog has transitioned from yoga as an encompassing practice to meditation as a separate practice and not necessarily combined with yoga. While I still practice yoga, that yoga practice is currently a physical one. It is not the thing that pulls me spiritually forward. Meditations pull me forward.

There was a time many years ago when I found myself communing with The Gentleman With the Warm Hands. That is how I referred to these encounters. At that time I would have referred to this Gentleman as my guide. “He” was the Gentleman With the Warm Hands. It was a very male vibe. I wrote prolifically during those sessions. In this last year I went searching my manuscripts and archives for these journals. I know they were interesting. I remember setting them aside and telling myself they are special and I will want to re-read these. I am still searching. These journals look like all my other journals, and I will need to open each of them to find this Gentleman again. I suppose this is a good exercise to find all the treasures I may have written.

Here lately I sat and asked for the Gentleman With the Warm Hands while in meditation and was ‘told’ there is ‘higher’ information for me. And yet, on occasion since then, I feel warm hands holding mine while I meditate. My own hands are warm when I am in meditations. My hands do not feel like my own hands, but feel like a stranger’s hands when they brush away the tears that inevitably fall while I allow love to flow through me.

So while meditation may have brought me to a place within that makes me want to share, I am not sure what I am sharing. Any previous writings are unavailable. It’s possible that what I am meant to share is as clear as the nose on my face, so obvious that I cannot see it for myself. That would not surprise me.

I could be sharing Buddhism. I hooked up with Buddhism as a late teenager. Oh, the answers that practice has given me are priceless. The decisions I made while I was in prayer, chanting and swaying and focused until I wasn’t anymore, those decisions have all been good decisions. Not easy ones, but good ones. Decisions for a better life, for a smarter answer, for a clearer path with a transparent goal and intention. Buddhism (not an affiliate link – just for reference) has always been clarifying for me.

In my 30’s, I found the Seth Materials (not an affiliate link – just for reference). Oh, to be sharing the Seth Materials as channeled by Jane Roberts. I am simply not versed enough. I was bowled over with the information Seth shared. I would close the book – come out of those books really – physically feeling the transition as I closed the Seth book and return into my home with children and dogs and dinner to make wondering how to apply this fantastic magical information to life here on earth. It was 20 years before I found Abraham Hicks and listened on how to apply these principles to my everyday. Seth is a foundation piece for me.

And here in the last many years Abraham-Hicks (not an affiliate link – just for reference), through Esther (and Jerry) Hicks has made the Seth Materials information livable and breathable. Abraham has channeled through Esther the conversation on how to live life for joy, in joy. Buddhism has said, Enjoy what there is to enjoy, and suffer what there is to suffer. In this, one may have a full life. Abraham likes to shorten this to, Enjoy what there is to enjoy.

What is the Voice? For me and for the information I receive – I receive god. I am filled with Buddha. I am soaked in light by the Divine. The voices are sacred. The information is Creation. The universe’s voices have been with me since my twenties. I am not new to this practice. It is certainly my practice and not someone else’s ritual or routine for enlightenment. It certainly feels like enlightenment. I am lighter. While the voices feel as if just one speaks to me, I can feel the community, and it has warm hands.

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