Permission to Speak Love

New year’s resolutions are still alive and well in my thoughts. It is near the end of February and I am still heart focused. Late last year my friend and I agreed to again put together Vision Boards. This decision compelled me to have that heart to heart with myself. I considered my life for the next year and how this will spill into the next ten years. It has been almost ten years since the last time we exchanged boards. Those ten-year old Vision Boards are rather complete. We did most everything we dreamed; we did most everything we envisioned. Those things that we did not complete (for me, writing that book – though I have certainly written enough words to fill several books) I understand we are blocking our own dreams. Right now that is neither here nor there, it just is.

I spent weeks thinking of my newest dreams, and poking out at the ones that have been hiding in the shadows. I teased out my fears and repurposed them into the dreams I dared not say. And then I scoured the internet for just the right images to express how I feel about these ideas and accomplishments. I printed images in several sizes to make sure I had the right size for the parameters of our Vision Board material. My friend and I set a date to meet over her kitchen table with glue and scissors and baubles and pens to set our dreams into motion on our Board. And when we came together that Saturday we ended up spending six hours finessing and discussing, measuring and holding our ideas, our dreams and desires in front of each other to be sure we had it right. My friend did not laugh at my deepest felt dream. While she may not believe me, she did not dismiss me.

I know we were careful to make this a “yes” day. A day that we open up and truly believe all things are possible. For they are. It takes permission to have fun (and permission to not have fun for that matter). That Saturday we seemed to be giving permissions for the whole year – and beyond.

It was also an immersion day. We immersed ourselves in the task of dreaming. We immersed ourselves into making the dreams our life. I feel the residual bliss of this day whether I recognize it as this day or just the bliss of having a firm vision – glued into place no less.

So my dream…the one I can hardly admit to myself…the one that has hidden behind my own curtain of acceptance for 24 years now is to channel spiritually in public, or more to the point, channel spiritually for people. I want to speak write share, in whatever form can be fully received by those that will benefit from it, the full measure of love that encompasses us. I want to be a recognized spiritual channel. I want to bring this information, this love, this truth of our lives to everyone, and anyone.

I am seeking a regular practice and validation. That part is for my ego. But I am also seeking regular practice and validation of my information for my heart. My heart is full as information is shared through spirit/creator/love. There is infinite depth of love when I am in that spiritual communication.

This desire feels closer to truth – not as some coo-koo crazy lady, not some lost in space love-bunny. It feels closer to my truth. I still feel like I am coming out of the closet. So – here I am, in all my glory, with my fearful wishes speaking love.

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