The Body, Cells, and Processes

The cellular structure of your body is pleased to be recognized. All beings enjoy pleasing recognition. This includes your body, your cells, your organs and the body’s processes. Humans, even those in sickness, have a tendency to take the body for granted. While we do not require you to provide temple status to your body, it would be healthier of you to grant it recognition as the acting agent on the soul’s behalf to be here, to experience life on earth at this time. Humans in general take their body for granted.

It feels good to speak to your body, to share love, to have and express curiosity for that you don’t know about your body. Your health does not rely on this; but it can be positively impacted. You may never feel the impact consciously. But there is much you can do for your body to allow it ease, grace and youthful workings. Being nice to your body includes speaking and thinking loving thoughts, recognition of it working and of the regeneration that is occurring. To dress it well to reflect your appreciation of your body. Even this is wellness too.

Find ways to express your gratitude. You know what feels right.

Channeled 27 May 2022

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