You have much to ponder over – but you do not need to. You do well to not “worry” over these matters. These matters of family and jobs, these matters over other people’s circumstances, these matters in your mental game of “what if” – they are of no matter. They are thoughts and you do well not to worry. We see you ponder these matters and we would hope you can see these as mental games – not particularly worry, but mental exercises and off-hand pondering.

Even as you find yourself “sending out” prayers to people and situations – send them out as a fun exercise – it’s a matter of play. Play with your ideas. Make them light and fun to consider. There is no weight to your thoughts, take that idea in a literal sense and add no “weight” to them. Your thoughts are to be light and life is meant to be fun.

If others are not able to have fun at this time in their growth it is not up to you to feel un-fun with them. Such thoughts stop growth for both of you. Lead by example. Think lightly, make it a mental game, a pondering, an “I love you” thought and move on. Leave the not so light thought to lighten up, or sink. Either way, play in your head. Don’t be your own bully on the playground. Be the group picking flowers on the side of the asphalt, or the group playing 4-square or tetherball. Jump rope while you are there. Bring your loved ones in for those cooperative games – they need a mental play day too.

Enjoy recess today. We love you and we love tetherball too.

Channeled 31 March 2022

Public service announcement: Go have fun! Go Fish – Hahaha! (might be affiliate link…)

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