Play In this Love

We enjoy spending every morning connecting with you. The overwhelm-ment you feel and the tears that well from your eyes is actually far less than even a year ago. You accept so much more of our love than before and yes there is more to accept. There is a process we may discuss regarding this.

How do you or how can you accept more of this love that is being bandied about? You actually do a great job of pure acceptance of this love from and of Source when you alter your thoughts to consider you are actually swimming in it. For this love is not just one emotion of many. It is THE emotion – the only emotion – of Source. Love IS the make-up of space, of air, of the unseen. This is a “matter” that you exist in – this ‘scientific’ air or ‘spiritual’ matter is love and you exist within it. To open to love allows the expansion of life within this love and therefore the wholeness of life can be felt. Expanding into this love, accepting it as the air you breath- consciously accepting it as the air you breathe is an acceptance of the love of Source. Acceptance of this love is the answer you seek. There is no blockage to this love from/or of source – there is only recognition of this love that is the all of everything. This love we speak of is the cells, the molecules and the binding that keeps these together. This love (energy- in this instance) is the binding of molecules into objects. It is the colors and the texture and the heft. Love is the gravity and the movement of all there is – including the blood coursing through your veins.

To not accept Source, the love, all of this, is to not accept life. So, there you have it – you accepted life just by being here – now go into consciously accepting the LOVE wholly and without boundary. Life opens up for you as you assimilate the grandness. Allow it. Generate even more. Send love into yourself. Send it back out to everyone and everything. Play with this love. We love to play.

And sit. Sit quiet and feel love. Feel THIS love, physically, mentally, spiritually. Then listen. Just listen – as if waiting for birds to chirp or music to begin, or listening for the wind…and there you will find yourself listening to your lover, the Big Love That IS.

It is not about accepting love. I am talking about hearing love – hearing the sounds of love, listening for this love, listening completely yet lightly to catch the message.

That message may not, probably isn’t, can’t be expected, to be “heard” as you hear normally. This message is fully comprehended outside of hearing. But you must start in listening. It is through the action of listening and the subsequent recognition of “hearing” from Source that love too becomes action and response. This love thing is ALL encompassing. Love is not small – you can only recognize small parts. The more often and the more you recognize, the bigger it becomes for you. Not truly bigger – but larger, more encompassing. You will begin to experience the vastness we speak of.

Sit now and listen. Sit now and experience the vastness we describe. You are love. Bask in your own-ness.

Listen to love-

You are not to listen “for” it – you are to listen “to” it.

Channeled December 29, 2021

From Sarah: Some books to enjoy for this – The Gift of Change, Marianne Williamson and The Seat of the Soul, Gary Zukav. (affiliate links)

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