Podcast Future

I have been working on a Podcast.  This would be a podcast for meditation.  I have so many great guided meditations that have helped me over the years, that it seems selfish to not share these especially when sharing seems so easy – what, with podcasts, links to booksellers and great photography available right on my camera.

Well, as it turns out all three aspects of sharing my favorite meditations – recording a podcast, linking with booksellers and having good quality photos – only looks easy.  Okay, it’s easy, it’s just time consuming.  I bought a decent microphone and a set of headphones to help with the quality of my recording.  I figured, TA DA! I’m all set and we are in business.  Um, no.  There is a new software to learn now.  I am getting used to my voice while I just listen to myself over the headphones.  I am learning to record.  I can tell there are tricks and hopefully a moment that clinks and I am comfortable with this process.  I imagine if I had a sound tech that this part would have been just plug and play.  But I find myself learning the sound, stabilization, AND the tone of voice, speed and regularity of my words.  I want it smooth for meditation, but not something out of the SNL schtick – Delicious Dish – Fiber Day.  They are funny and corny and maybe I should go for that vibe with my tribe (groan and eyerolling).

I have chosen not to seek out and listen to other meditation podcasts.  I know how I sound and what goes on in my head when I am thinking these meditations.  I don’t want to muddle up the vision.  Nor do I  want to mistakenly attempt to sound like someone already out there.  It is the variety of podcasters that makes this medium so exciting.  I want to be a part of this excitement.

I did work on the links to booksellers.  I am now an Amazon Affiliate.  I would like to join up with GoodReads if they have an affiliate program and any other affiliate booksellers you may know of and love.  I am not married to any one site.  I love my local retailers.  But they don’t have affiliate linkability yet.  Oooh, maybe they do and I am just not asking.  I must go in person to learn what I can.  It is not selfish to be helping out my local area while I am reaching out to the whole world.

So now that I have affiliate standing I have yet to post a link to Amazon to see how this works.  That very well may be my next post.

The photo part, I actually have experience in posting photos to blogs.  I can’t imagine posting my photos to my podcast piece to be much more.  I have some favorite photos I can hardly wait to share.

I will keep working it.  And maybe next post…you get to hear what I sound like.  Sorry to disappoint, but I do not have an accent. Hahahaha.

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