Missed Opportunity

It finally happened.  A year and a half of teaching Friday Lunch Drop-In Yoga and I was unable to get to my class.  I didn’t have any way of getting to the room to post a sign.  I didn’t have anyone’s information to text a single one of my regulars to let them know I couldn’t get there.  I didn’t even have the opportunity to panic on my students’ behalf.  When life intervenes it is best to be present where you are.  I was present in the moment even as I watched the clock tick past my opportunity to get to class slightly late.

When I was finally able to get to my email I sent out an apology.  I sent it while class would have been in session, 45 minutes into it.  It was my first opportunity.  I apologized.  It’s all I could do.  And the response, 20 minutes later, was lovely.  One of the ladies sent back, “We are sorry you couldn’t make it today.  We knew something was up.  Shelly stepped in and guided us through.”  The reason this is so lovely is my class still did yoga.  They didn’t walk away and go back to their desks or their jobs.  They stayed and did yoga.  I am proud of Shelly.  She has never led a class.  Yet she stepped up and into a role I’m sure she has been curious about.  Shelly became the instructor.  Shelly is a seasoned yoga practioner, she enjoys yoga and fully engages in her postures.  Shelly was the perfect choice and she didn’t miss this opportunity.  I am proud of her.

I can’t wait to meet up with my peeps next week.  I ache to be there.

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