Back on Course

It is Friday Lunch Drop-in Yoga Class day and I was there.  I was in our yoga room and ready for my students.  Shelly came in first and we had a moment to chat about last week.  Last week I was unable to get to class.  Shelly took up the reigns and led the group.  Today I was able to say thank you and to hear how she felt about the experience.

She felt good.  Shelly sounded strong and confident as she told me how they cobbled through the hour.  There is a newfound appreciation of what it takes to fill even an hour of time with postures that flow seamless from one to the next.  She did share that more than once  she found herself wondering what posture to try with the group next.  “Um, well let’s do a pidgeon pose, okay?”

Class went well today.  We spent more time than usual at the beginning just breathing and relaxing into ourselves as we waited for our latecomer to set up her mat and join us.  The extra time paid off.  I felt the class was in alignment as we started our into our sequence of postures.

I have been working on podcasting meditations.  As I listen to the meditations I have recorded I can hear where the cues are a little more jarring rather than relaxing.  I can hear where I am being too direct and not leaving room for the listener to interpret where they need to.

Today at the end of our session, as we cleared our minds again in savasana, I was able to apply some of the techniques I have been working on to our final savasana meditation.  Mostly what I have been learining is to be quiet, be specific but leave some of the specifics of relaxation to the imagination of my listener.  I asked my peeps to clear their mind.  To envision an empty teacup.  When the mind tries to fill the cup with thoughts to empty the cup again.  As they relaxed, I relaxed with them.  When my own mind became active I said outloud for the group, “Empty.”  In the two minutes that we had for savasana I merely said softly, “Empty” three more times.  As we returned ourselves to the room and came back into a seated posture everyone looked refreshed.

Every one of my peeps said thank you.  These are the times that make me glad I can help.

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