89 hours.  I have guided yoga classes for 89 hours now.  That’s not a lot, I know.  But there’s a groove that is growing within me, I can feel my voice leading the group.  Even as the class size and participants rotate and ebb and flow, I feel stable.  I have regular classes and they are set and happen the same time every week.  I feel stable.

As much as I practise asanas for myself and others I am coming to rely on meditations, or moments of meditation, to calm me through any personal doubts in being a teacher.  After being an Asana practitioner for decades, using the postures to clear my head and stretch my body for peace, these days the meditation side of yoga is blossoming.  Sitting in meditation goes further to focus my desires.  Sitting in meditation has brought much of this stability into being.  I am finding the more I let loose my thoughts on what ought to be, the more what is is what I thought it ought to be.  By letting go with my thoughts, more of what I expect arrives.  Every wonderful little thing feels like a gift these days.  Meditation is allowing me to see it that way.  Gift from life.

I have some favorite meditations, things I have picked up over the years.  I should record some here.  Something to refer to.

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