Utter Love

Thank you for your invitation. We want you to know you yourself are utter love. We know you more deeply than anyone on earth and you are love – all the way through. You are, you have a depth unheard of on the earthly plane. Like quantum anything you are a microcosm AND a macrocosm simultaneously. We have you with us at all times even as we focus on you within the earthly plane. Your DNA is timeless as is your soul – yet these are both available for adjustment.

As you felt during the cosmic procedure during a Kryon Circle of Twelve meditation[May 12, 2021], you did receive ‘surgery’ from our esteemed colleagues. You felt it. You felt the relief too of having toxic parts of you being removed. They were. When you returned for the second procedure the effects were not felt as immediate and you were/are not aware of the internal cleansing that occurred. You are ready for another procedure if you choose. Your longevity is affected by these procedures. Most recently these clearings have been for your health.

There are more experts in our midst for other ailments, but only as you recognize them. There is no reason to be concerned with bodily ailments as you learn to employ the Council of Healers at your disposal. They disperse much of your discomfort as you sleep and even as you relax, truly calming yourself. There is much they can do and have done to allow you to enjoy this life more fully.

With that said, please continue to enjoy your body; yes, sexually too – but we were referring to muscles and muscle strength. Practice stamina and strength. Your muscles propel you. It is movement that makes this life fun and experiential. This life is supposed to be experiential.

Thank you for inviting us this fine, fine day. We enjoy spending time with you. Don’t forget the first part of our talk – you are eternal just as we are. You are us.

We love you.

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