For Starters

I have decided to stay home tonight and write rather than head out for yoga.

I want these posting to be relevant, well-written, insightful and I want to reach those that want to be reached.  This blog, I have been thinking, is to be a yoga teacher primer.  Maybe.   As a newly minted yoga teacher I want to record the journey.  This is the record of my journey.

I love me some yoga.  And meditation is crazy goodness.  I swear, at this time, fifteen minutes of meditation is my new lover.  I am constantly on the look out for a fifteen minute slot to sit in meditation.  And it is sweet surrender when I do.  I am happier, more secure, and confident with myself when I have meditated.

I have heard yoga called the moving meditation, the prayer in motion.  And yes, I have experienced this.  And it IS divine.  It is a full body source awareness.  It is an inner focus on my external body.  It is love, it is divine love seeping into every joint, ligament and blood cell as they are moving and flowing in this wonderfully mundane life.

What I really want to get at is, my goal in meditation is to stop thinking and then to connect with the divine.  My goal in yoga is to allow my body the motion it deserves, and then IT calms down too.

Buddhism lead me here.  Wait, let’s start earlier. Christianity led me to Buddhism.  Buddhism led me to yoga and yoga enforced meditation.  But just to be clear – prayer and meditation are super close to each other.  They are not the same.

While we can contemplate the words of the masters, we can also contemplate no thing.  Contemplating no thing may actually be a more expedient means to our sustained happiness.  It is for me – feel free to choose your path.

Chanting in an ancient unintelligible language actually helped to clear my mind better than focusing on words in my own language.  I kept getting in my own way.  To chant in a dead language and focus on the sounds of the syllables and vowels allowed my head to empty and my prayers to become clear.  My prayers were my heart talking.  My heart speaks more plainly than my mouth ever has.  Things happened, and prayers became answered.  My friend tells me I am very good at manifesting things.  And it is true, most of what I have wanted has come to pass.  I may not be requesting very big things, but I have come to know happiness.  That is pretty huge.

We all strive for happiness.  I’m sorry we strive; happiness is.  Happiness is in recognition; recognition of happiness.  Sustainability is huge.  I myself was not clear that happiness is sustainable.  But it is.  It is sustainable when it permeates everything one holds dear.   I can soak in happiness; steep in happiness; wallow in happiness, speak in happiness and it is sustainable as we expect happiness.  We become mired in happiness and it’s a wonderful place to be mired.  If I am going to be stuck – let it be in happiness.

I have been practicing yoga since I was nineteen.  To gain the designation to be a yoga teacher/instructor/guide is such a thrill.  While I work on my personal yoga, my personal satisfaction and my own awareness, I was able to legitimize my guidance as a yoga instructor.  And a yoga instructor is a whole new journey.  I continue to breathe.

Boy, I hope this blog doesn’t blather on  and on too often.  I just want me some yoga.


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