Meditation is not a prayer.  Meditation is not an asking for anything.  It is a space, an internal space to get clear.  It’s a space an internal space to catch your breath.  I can’t think of a single person who hasn’t told me they are “too busy” and all they want is a moment to catch their breath.

This last month I have been doing fifteen minutes of meditation every day.  There was a week there when these sessions were not getting results.  I wasn’t feeling the love.  This week though I was reminded to add back in the meditative practice of requesting to visit with the divine.  And oh, how she has come in with a to my meditation – warm and thrilling.  In meditation, always ask for the divine to touch you, join you, look upon you.  The warmth of this love is unsurpassed in its wholeness.

I am in love with life.  I am happy.  Every day.  And yeah, not everything goes right, but it no longer seems to matter.  I adjust my view and everything is aligned again.

I admit Abraham and Esther and Jerry Hicks have a lot to do with this current crazy, happy, love feeling.  I give them and their entire support team (family, loved ones, co-workers, you name it) a ton of credit for my good mood.  There is magic in meditation.  Abraham and Esther are proof.  And we humans love our proof.

Before Abraham and the Hicks, I reveled in the Seth Materials, I ate up spiritual teachings of Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Gary Zukav, Shakti Gawain, Benjamin Hoff, the Lotus and Yoga Sutras, the Bible, the Bhagavad Gita; you name it I was infusing it into my brain waves.  I eat up TedTalks for breakfast, and enjoy the light fare of Oprah and Deepak – grazing all day long on these delights.  I do and have for a long time surrounded myself with soulful awakening ideology.  All of them are a part of me.

I can’t hold all these thoughts in for myself.  While I want to write them out, share them out there in the universe of already stated knowledge, I don’t want to be just more blather.  Of course I want to make a difference.  We all do, each of us separately want to be the difference in our lives and for those around us.  Otherwise we wouldn’t be poking in each other’s business all the time and offering advice no one wants to hear.  And here I am not sure this is advice I offer, but another point of view.

I love that Source is here to guide me.  I love that I get to stretch my ears to hear and to allow this divine love to flow through me.  May this be the growth we all need and crave and know to be real and right.  May this process be delightful and energizing for each of us that has found our way here as we continue to breathe.

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