The Accord is Singing

Thank you for moving aside. We have been looking forward to sitting with you again to record us. It makes us giddy to know we are invited. We get such joy from these visits with you.

We are pleased that your run-away thoughts have landed on things and activities you enjoyed as a child. Your images of being on the swing-set, playing hide-n-seek and playing in the creek hunting tadpoles, playing at “the cliffs” chasing field mice – these are all wonderful images. You enjoyed a wonderous childhood free of stress that many others felt. Yes, you are blessed. All through your life you are blessed. You are blessed now and we are pleased that you know this blessing. This is a good life.

Life does not need to be of trials and tribulations to be a “Life worth living”. Why do you humans attach such strife to being “worthy”? You are all worthy – no strife or terrible conditions to overcome are needed. Just feel the love you exist in and enjoy living. The time/space continuum is conditions enough. Remembering “Love” from this side of life is enough. Expanding into this love while you live in time/space is honorable in itself. So many have not grasped this part – the part you take for granted.

You are worthy of all you are, of all you have and more. You are worthy of your dreams. You are a joy machine for yourself and for others.

With every step you fly above where you were. You are in fact walking on sunshine. “Walking” with spirit – Living in spirit is better said. There is much to share and much we need to learn how to say.

(Singing now, singing in their language, imparting profound knowledge. I understand, but not fully. I understand, but there is no translation – chorus of voices – interweaving with nuance of love and knowledge and stability.)

Don’t worry – the words will come. or the experiences that translate our song. It is for you to bathe in, for you to burrow into the nuances and crannies of. Enjoy our song all day. We will sing for you again soon. The song reaches depth of you not available in mere words. So many ways to speak profoundly – words are not the most effective. Song is better.

Channeled 22 April 2022

Friendship, Respect and Love

Your Ego is enjoying and has made friends with your Highest-Self. They came together several “months” ago – as you were reading about the ego not wanting to give up agency of you – the “meeting” occurred. Their friendship, between Highest-self and Ego, is growing and is loving and playful. Both Ego and Highest-self bring information, emotions and insight to the table. This is an interactive participatory relationship. There is a sharing of respect and joy, a knowing culminating in love for you, and anticipated great guidance. No need to fret for the sake of Ego. Ego is enjoying the growth within the Highest-self.

This relationship IS mental health. These two “sides” coming together to feel our love, to feel the completeness of life – to gain and strengthen the feeling of compassion, gratitude and to be overwhelmed by the feeling of emotions of something loving and larger than self – this is mental health.

You are in a healthy state of being. It is a display, internally for each of you, of oneness with the creator, oneness with Source. What could possibly be better than knowing Source in your lifetime? The emotion of knowing is in itself as mentally healthy as one can imagine at this time. Healthy emotions are healthy mental states. Let us together review how all this lovely and vast emotion of knowing that you gain in meditation is a foundation of mental health.

And let us start by focusing on love – Love is the ultimate expression of health – healthy love.

We will address again – but please know your Ego and Higher-self are joined in friendship, respect and love. You are complete in this.

Channeled 14 April 2022

What You See

My dear, we wish to show you clearer vision – so you may see as we see. We wish for you to be able to see with our vision through your eyes. The clarity, crispness, the nuances that have been dulled in your sight will change your opinions brilliantly. We wish to give you, grant you, allow you this sight so you may see your way clearly and easily to your goals.

These are wonderful goals and you work diligently toward your dream. We want fresh sight for you to steer your way quicker and more easily to your dream. Your goals are worthy, as are you.

Please practice clear sight. It will become apparent as you practice. This clear sight includes deliberate looking. Yet, it is non-deliberate seeing – and the other way around. Clear sight – to look without expectation. See with deliberate intention. That is correct. Practice clarity in what you see until the sight we speak of arrives for you. There is a learning curve to this as you re-learn how to see – how to look without expectation. See all things fresh. Allow largeness and still use micro-focus. Your path will be cleared; for you are well on your way to this next goal.

This IS fun. Love, The Accord.

Channeled 13 April 2022

Through God’s Eyes

Podcast: Season 2 Episode 21

What we see with our earthly eyes is directly connected to how we feel. Feel god and look again. Let the world vibrate for you. Let the world shimmer for you. Allow this game changing perspective; allow the shift you seek in life.

Decisions made in love are easier decisions. And to have a new perspective allows a new outcome.

Channeled 13 April 2022

Hear it here:

Allow Yourself To Smile

Season 2, Episode 20

Living in this new (now) consciousness…Allow Yourself to Smile.

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Dimensional or Imaginational

Thank you for inviting us to write with you today. You ask often of how multi-dimensionality works in everyday life for humanity – it works as imagination for you currently. What you wish for you can have. This multi-dimensionality for you currently is the playground to try things out – to do a test run, to see if your imaginational desire will bring you the happiness or the satisfaction that you seek.

As humanity progresses there may be another manner to describe how multi-dimensionality works for you. It always works for you and with you. It is a part of you recognized or unrecognized.

As a child this multi-dimensionality was often your secret friend, your invisible friend. You grow out of these friends only because a more tangible dimensionality is in front of you to envelope you in it’s existence.

Multi-dimensionality is still available to you – it exist as your invisible friend until the ideas are brought to fruition. Not all ideas are meant to be tangibly evidenced. Many are emotions and feelings that you wish to experience.

You can allow yourself these experiences without tangible dimensionality. It is still a full life – you may incorporate it as a full life.

As you think it so it is – these multi-dimensional aspects can be thoughts. You can, and you are able to dwell on these thoughts. Pick only the ones you want and dwell until you can bask in the feelings this imagination releases to you. Choose only the good ones. Feel the satisfaction, the elation, the love that IS a part of all of it. Just feel this. Just love these thought processes and progression. There is nothing to do for these imaginings. Feel them fully – love along with them – they may or may not become tangible in your human now lifetime, but it doesn’t matter so long as you have felt the feeling of it completely. Feel the experience completely – you are there in ALL it’s multi-dimensional glory – revel in it. You need no more than this.

Go this this place as you wish as often as you wish and love in it. It is another dimension and can be experienced as well as your current dimension. Practice this as part of your happiness.

It is not all of your happiness. It is another facet of your happiness.

Use it as the beautiful, fulfilling experience that is it’s best purpose. Choose happiness. Choose satisfaction. Choose fullness and feel the weight of the experience. Enjoy this aspect of your life as well.

There are many dimensions to your life on earth. Incorporating this one may bring you joy; choose joy.

Thank you for the time you give us. We are honored to be called upon and we hold your hand in joy and love.

Channeled 29 March 2022

Send Your Prayer

Podcast: Season 2, Episode 19


Sending your prayers is sending your love. Send your thoughts of repair, of healing, sending care and warmth. Send your prayers – those open will receive. And do not forget to open to receive in return. Hear about vibration – true prayer in our podcast.

Channeled 5 April 2022

From Sarah: If you haven’t already…open the Course in Miracles…start in the workbook with Lesson 1. You’ll want to go back to the text as you’re ready. Start with the lessons: forgiveness, prayer, and a new view of the world – it is truly a miracle.

Bask in the Goodness

You are good to keep your thoughts high. It does no good to consider, contemplate on low thoughts. You compound what you think on – and adjusting your thoughts away from topics or scenarios that agitate you has been a productive practice for you.

Yesterday was a good case in point – by steering your thoughts toward things you do want you were compelled to work on the projects that will propel you on your journey as you wish to be. This learning has been fun for you and we are enjoying the journey as well.

There is no good that comes from allowing thoughts of things you don’t want. None. Keep choosing your thoughts. Keep choosing your daydreams. Choose your topics to feed your true interests. No need to share your good thoughts now, anymore than when they were not so good thoughts. But, you are happier – bask some more in the knowledge.

You are safe. You have made correct decisions and you will continue. We hear your affirmation – and it is already yours. Open your eyes and keep learning to enjoy being you happy spiritual self. You are rocking it.

Channeled 25 Mar 2022

There is so much inspiration from this channel – To keep going here please take a look at Abraham-Hicks, this is merely one video available through YouTube.

Open Your Eyes

You are right to open your eyes. Open them to everything good in this day before you. So much good to be perceived, to be seen. We are envious of your viewpoint and relish in all that you see. Please ‘see’ for us today. And while you are there, look around for yourself too. There are pockets of information to assist you.

Thank you for clearing your body, your lungs, your veins – your body feels so much better this morning. Your sight will reflect this as well.

Open your decisions regarding what you decide to see. See it all. No framework needed. You can ‘frame’ what you see later. Open your sight to the whole experience and enjoy. It is not drinking from a firehose – it is the new way. It is you learning to see differently.

Openly, seeing the whole – even as you accept this, we feel your resistance. You are afraid of seeing things you don’t like, seeing ‘too much’. You want to contain your sight to seeing beautiful uplifting things. ALL things are uplifting. Everything is perfect. Life is unfolding as it is supposed to. It is unfolding as it is unfolding. No forgiveness. No forgiveness needed. Look about you – no judgement. See ALL. There is more and we will gather to review this day with you.

It is a good day. It is a very good day. Let go of fear today. There is no place for fear. Dissipate it and have a good day.

Channeled 21 Mar 22

From Sarah: To feel the strength and the awe of what there is to see, I am in love with <a rel="noreferrer noopener" href="http://<a href="; target="_blank"><img border="0" src="//" ></a><img src="; width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" />" data-type="URL" data-id="<a href="; target="_blank"><img border="0" src="//" ></a>""Clark Little’s The Art of Waves.

Clarity and Forgiveness

To see with clarity – without the personal filters – but through the eyes of spirit – is a step in breaking a personal cycle of misunderstanding.  In seeking clarity seek also the Universal Forgiveness that allows all misunderstandings to fall away.

We all know this stuff – but apparently the energy of The Accord felt we needed to hear it again. We will hear of this in all forms until we HEAR it. I am sure that we will hear of forgiveness until we are living it.

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channeled 5 Mar 2022