We are here with you more often than you know. More often than you can acknowledge. For our presence is constant. Your focus is outward – as it should be to enhance your life and times on earth. As you turn your focus inward – that is when you “see” us and think we have just then arrived on the scene. We are here all along.

Even our “strength” has been available without variation. Same strength of solace, wisdom and universal truth. That you do not recognize it does not change this strength of our presence. We are constant. Our pattern is constant.

Your pattern is variable and in some sense random. This random is not a judgement word – it is a descriptive word. You apply your pattern to us and so we appear variable and random as well. This is not a judgement of how you perceive us – it is the explanation of our differences, and of our abilities to fill you soul. You have free will to turn inward for guidance or to turn elsewhere. As you turn inward we “appear”. Regardless that we have been “here” all along.

It is up to you to see us. It is up to you to listen for us. It is up to you to open your focus to include us. And you do it well. You do it often – and we applaud your grace, your adventure, your decisions. You do so well – we “help” where we can. And we leave you to live your life as you will. There’s no micromanaging here. We only “helicopter” as presence. Our presence is constant.

Thank you for hearing our words today. You have heard them before. Your actions are still your decision. Your actions are your free will. We do however request whatever action is done – that it is done in grace, with loving intention (love of self – really do it with best self intention) and allow your actions as inspired.

From our vantage point…your threesome,

Truth, Compassion and Strength

Channeled 15 Oct 2022

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