Heart Centered Thought

There is a lot to be said for sitting quietly. Regenerating energy feels good. Feeling the wholeness of each moment is also good.

Thank you for the invitation. We enjoy coming through. We are honored as your presence steps aside, yet is present for translation.

All we have to say today we have shared before – whether through this conduit or others. The message is peace – personal peace, neighborhood peace. Peace to be felt in the very essence of the heart. For all thought comes from the heart, not your head. True thought comes from the heart. This is a new practice. A new focus. This is newer for you to consider your thoughts come from the heart. To come from your heart shifts focus away from the head – on purpose. Too much energy may be coming from a focus on intellect – without qualifying intellect. [And yet we are not qualifying the heart conscious – it is a circular argument that naturally, organically, through DNA of heart, would be a deep reflection thought (should it come from the heart). ]

It is ‘time’ to change thoughts, to shift focus – and the heart thoughts have reached up for recognition. The heart is centered beautifully in the body – heart thought may contain a more whole body response. Allow the whole body a say in this life.

Heart-centered thought. We are introducing (for some people) heart-centered thought. Give your brain a rest and allow your heart to lead.

Just the word heart-centered connotes love, compassion, passion, and fullness of desires and goodness. “Your heart is in the right place.” Meaning intentions is benevolent. Go with this idea into your day. go with your heart in the right place guiding your ideas and possibly your decisions. what feels good and what feels right are not always in agreement. Your heart decisions at least are from the heart.

Use your time wisely. Allow for fun – and work to fulfill yourself and to become that person that makes you proud. Work to become the one your heart is proud of.

Flood your life with heart and revel in how this feels.

Channeled 17 May 2022 – During Full Moon Eclipse

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