Happy All Day Long

Thank you for inviting us. We feel you feeling the shift in your molecules. This makes the changes coming about more exciting for you and delicious for us. The expectations within your life become palpable adding to the vibrancy of changes coming. Bask in this deliciousness, grow within it – for it is fertile with the feeling of anticipation.

This is you feeling the way you want to feel. You enjoy change, adventure. You enjoy these feeling. So then enjoy the expectation of these changes you have been setting in motion. You are a good creator – and getting more deliberate as you go. Isn’t it wonderful to feel the feelings you have wanted to feel all along?

The corporeal body follows the feeling – this mirroring environment mirrors the feeling. It can be no other way. Feeling first. Feelings must be strong and believable. The believable-ness comes with practice. Comes with trying it on, adjusting to it. The believing becomes easy and your world mirrors your belief. Make your beliefs wonderful.

Sit and believe that you are happy all day long – and while you are about your day after such a meditation you can more clearly dispel anything that infringes on your happiness belief. This takes practice – so practice again the next day that you are happy all day long – this practice is a meditation. Play out in your opening heart meditation how you feel to be happy all day long.

How does happy feel for you? What thought do you have? How does your body feel as you are happy? Take away from your meditation any goals or achievements – just feel how it feels to be happy. After your meditation you may bring this feeling with you into your day. Practice your day feeling happy. Some days we will not get very far before circumstances pull this feeling from you. So practice again during the next meditation. And the next. Bringing the feeling of happiness with you into your day for as far as it will go.

And yes, eventually your days do fill with happiness and that is when things begin to happen for you and for those around you. You will find your happiness opens pathways to greater fulfillment in your life – and the other axioms of happiness fill into place.

They will be different for everyone – but things such as security, strength, weight-loss, good foods, good company, satisfaction are all coming in to underlay your happiness. Or maybe it is the happiness that is the underlay to all that. Regardless, for it is all the Oneness of life that you are learning.

All of this is the Oneness of life. Be happy. For no reason other than you can. For no reason – none needed.

Channeled 16 May 2022

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